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UNDP Graduate Program 2024-25 is announced for all applicants from all over the world in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program. All the applicants for undergraduate programs will be entertained by this UNDP program. This is a funded program for students who are still learning but don’t have any practical experience. This program will start your life towards a good financial career. This program will make selections of applicants from all eligible regions, they have some best goals that applicants will work to achieve them. UNDP graduate program will cover almost every important issue of the world and make suitable steps for the completion and good solutions to the issues. Students from all UNDP graduate regions will gather together to achieve their goals sets for coming on major problems in society.

This United Nations program was started several years ago for better survival of the earth. To fulfill this, dream they collect good minds from different countries of the world. UNDP will collect applications from 170+ countries of the world, after making a selection of their required candidates they will send them to different required places of the world to achieve the required goal in that specific area of the world. Applicants who will go on the area of work will learn a lot of things which will increase their experience which will help them in future problems. They will select talented young applicants who have extraordinary skills and think about the latest problems.

UNDP is making a selection of professional young candidates from UNDP countries to tackle these challenging problems. Not only applicants will do good for the world, but the importance of applicants will also increase after joining this program this will increase your CV value and extra experience working with international organizations will add to your CV. Applicants who will get selected will get financial support at the international level and all other support like other international standard organizations. Applicants who are waiting to take a step towards a professional and practical career must apply before the application deadline is crossed.

Organization United Nations Development Program
Location Regional, or Headquarter Offices of UNDP
Duration 2-year

Benefits of UNDP Graduate Program 2024-25

  1. This program will be completed in 2 years, first, they will select candidates for 1 year and check the performance and struggles made by applicants, if your work will leave a good impression on them you will get selected for the 2nd year of the program.
  2. A good salary which will increase your finances will be given by UNDP.
  3. Applicants will get leave, and for these leaves, they will get their salary.
  4. All traveling expression from stay position to working location.
  5. You will get a full salary if you get sick, unfortunately.
  6. Medical expenses and insurance of candidates.

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Eligibility Criteria for UNDP Graduate Program 2024-25

  1. Every interested applicant must live within UNDP regions to become part of the program and to support SDGs.
  2. If the applicant is a master’s degree holder, his working experience in his working field must be a max of 2 years after completion of the master’s degree program.
  3. If you are a bachelor’s degree program student, then the working experience required must be between 2 to 3 years
  4. Not only this, but female applicants are also eligible. Special cases applicants like applicants with disabilities are also eligible
  5. Following programs applicants are eligible

1. political science, 2. public administration, 3. international relations, 4. development studies, 5. economics, 6. statistics, 7. data management, 8. environmental science, and other related areas.

  1. For the corporate and operations stream
  1. business or public administration, 2. finance, 3. law, 4. procurement or supply chain management, 5. economics, 6. data management, and other related working areas.
  1. For specific regions of working locations, applicants need some little knowledge of French, Arabic, or Spanish language.
  2. A good grip on the English language of applicants is mandatory.

Method to Apply

  1. You have to apply only through an online portal which you can visit below the given links.
  2. Fill out the application with the required personal details.
  3. You have to fill out the application form in English.

Selection Procedure

  1. They will shortlist applicants first from submitted applications, and then these shortlisted applicants have to compete based on a test to secure a seat. You can join the competition test on your PC or Mobile phone.
  2. After this selected candidates have to complete a further process which will be informed to you after final selection.

Application Deadline

The UNDP program application deadline is 2 Oct. Good Luck

APPLY HERE                                            OFFICIAL SITE

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