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OIST Internship in Japan 2024 | Funded


OIST Internship in Japan 2024 provides fully-funded internships. This is a Funded Internship program from OIST in Japan, this program will cover all the expenses of applicants. All Undergraduate and Graduate applicants can apply for this Research Internship from every corner of the world.


OIST Internship in Japan Completely Funded

Do you have an interest in knowing about OIST? It is an abbreviation of the Okinawa Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (OIST). It is a higher education institution in Japan. The main aim of OIST is to conduct Research Work in the fields of Science and technology. They are also providing a good education in the field of science and technology.

 Information related to the OIST Internship Program

It is routine work of OIST, Japan to invite talented applicants from abroad countries to participate in research projects to provide good results to the world. Applicants from every corner of the world can apply for this internship equally. The applicants who have had good academic results in the past can do research in the field of science and technology. This OIST institute offers this internship to undergraduate (BS and Bachelors applicants) and postgraduate (MS and MPhil / Masters applicants).

The internship program from OIST in Japan provides internships free to students that are from all over the world. During internship days all the expenses will be covered by OIST. Every student from every part of the world can apply for this internship without any distinction. IELTS is not required to apply. Do not miss this opportunity as applications do not have any cost to apply.

 Country offering: Japan

The duration period of the Internship: 10 – 12 Weeks or (2 to 6) months

Institute offering: OIST Japan

Finance Coverage: Funded


Japan is one of those countries which offers a large no of scholarships every year. The OIST is providing this funded internship opportunity in Japan. OIST will cover the following expenses.

  1. Applicants will get round-trip travel tickets for free
  2. Students will also receive an allowance of 2400 JPY for a day
  3. Community Support services
  4. Accommodation
  5. Visa acquisition
  6. Applicants will get insurance
  7. registration as a local citizen

OIST Research Fields names:

OIST provides a large number of fields in science and technology fields. The applicants must select at least one field to get this internship. The following fields are available.

  1. Femtosecond Spectroscopy
  2. Computational Neuroscience
  3. Neural Computation
  4. Nonlinear and Non-Equilibrium Unit
  5. Quantum Systems
  6. Evolutionary Genomics
  7. Fluid Mechanics
  8. Biodiversity and Biocomplexity detailed research.
  9. Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  10. Immune Signaling
  11. Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis detailed research
  12. Membranology-related detailed research
  13. Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit
  14. Continuum Physics
  15. Biological Systems
  16. Quantum Dynamics
  17. Membrane Cooperativity
  18. Optical Neuroimaging
  19. Information Processing Biology
  20. Marine Biophysics

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 Eligibility Criteria for OIST Internship Japan 2024:

Here is the description of the criteria to become eligible for the OIST Internship.

Countries names: Applicants from every country can equally apply.

 Essential Documents Required for Applying for OIST Internship:

  1. CV with full details of your information.
  2. Personal Statement. You have to fill out the personal statement.
  3. All-Academic Degrees
  4. Recommendation Letter from the institution
  5. Photo of your ID card

The Application Deadline for OIST Internship Japan 2024

The OIST internship applications are still Open, However, the last date for this internship is 15th Oct. The internship started on the first of April. The final list will be declared in January, so keep checking


The application submission procedure is totally online. Applicants of every field can apply online on the admission portal. First, you have to create an account on the OIST Portal and complete the application form carefully. Provide the required documents in PDF form or in PNG form, then submit your application after completing the checking. Here is the procedure explained:

  1. Here is the official link to apply – APPLY ONLINE Here
  2. The second step is to complete your profile on the OIST portal.
  3. The whole procedure has been explained, now we wish you the best in your selection GOOD LUCK.
                                       Apply Online                                                 Official Website

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