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P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship (2024)


P&H is one of the famous agribusinesses in Canada that organized P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. Applicants can now submit their applications because applications are still open. Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is one of the popular Canadian agribusinesses. They have spent more than one decade in Canada providing quality services. This company currently has 1500+ active workers who are a part of Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H). As workers are their needs they offer a large number of visa sponsorship jobs to international applicants. Farming Jobs create a large number of job chances for international workers. These jobs are highly paid jobs in Canada and the number of seats for these jobs is also relatively high as compared to other jobs offered in Canada.

The normal pay of workers who have to work for farming jobs is $15.65 per hour this is the minimum salary you might get much higher. The P&H also offered internships to international applicants and with internships applicants can also apply for getting a highly paid job in Canada. One important thing that you must keep in mind is that when you submit your application for farming jobs in Canada, you will be given an option where you have to select whether you need visa sponsorship or not, so if you are a worker from outside of Canada then you have to select the option “yes” otherwise “No”. Process this step carefully. A large number of fields are offered to international applicants who are interested in applying for P&H Farming Jobs in Canada. These fields include 1. grain merchandising, 2. crop inputs, 3. flour milling, and 4. feed mills.

P&H Farming Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Country Offering: Canada

Eligible countries: All Countries

Job Field Farming Job

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Job Categories

Under this visa sponsorship jobs in a large number of categories are available. 1. Framing Jobs, 2. Fruit Picker, 3. Egg Packer, 4. Administrative Jobs, 5. IT jobs are offered through this program.

Benefits of P&H Farming Jobs in Canada

  1. Applicants will get a Visa Sponsorship Job
  2. Applicants will avail of Relocation Support
  3. Workers will get a good salary min $15.65/hr
  4. A healthy and supportive environment will be provided for Workers
  5. If you are interested in this job you don’t need any specific education requirements. Brilliant academic records are not needed. If you have experience in agriculture you can earn good finance.
  6. As we know in Canada and other countries employers have to pay a good salary to local workers that’s why they hire former workers. They work for low salaries which is beneficial for employers.
  7. Workers will work in a free environment because working fields are away from crowded fields.
  8. Canada has a large number of working fields. So applicants have a great number of chances for getting a job.
  9. Because of the large number of farms. More than 2 million people work in the farm fields of Canada.

How to Apply

The method to apply for visa sponsorship jobs in Canada is very simple all you need to visit the official link which is provided below fill out all required fields and then submit your application.

As we mentioned above during the application process you will get an option of selecting visa sponsorship if you are a local applicant then you need to select “NO” If you are from outside of Canada then you have to select “Yes”. Visit this official link provided below and apply as soon as possible to avail your job opportunity.

                                                      APPLY HERE                                 OFFICIAL SITE

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