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Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs Application Process 2024


Apply for Netherlands visa sponsorship jobs in 2024. A large number of Netherlands companies are offering visa sponsorship jobs currently 10,650 companies are sponsoring foreign workers to work in the Netherlands. All these organizations are authorized by the Netherlands government. In order to work in the Netherlands first, you have to get a job offer from the below-mentioned sponsor and then apply for a Netherlands Work Visa. Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) verified all these sponsors so applicants can apply trustfully for a job offer. It is important to submit an application to register sponsors to work in the Netherlands because only registered employers of sponsor companies are eligible to invite foreign workers to the Netherlands.

Interested applicants can apply in different fields including teaching institutions, research institutions, and many more. The Netherlands is a country full of work opportunities, every year the demand for workers increases to meet these workers’ requirements Netherlands companies are hiring a large number of foreign workers. Not only for working purposes you can work and visit different beautiful places in the Netherlands. Details application process for Visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands are explained below.

Companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Netherlands 2024

Below are some famous companies in the Netherlands offering visa sponsorship jobs. These companies will offer you a job and then apply for your work visa on your behalf. Some companies also pay the fee for a work permit.

Job fields available for sponsor jobs in the Netherlands

These are some highly paid fields for foreign workers to work and earn in the Netherlands. Applicants can also apply for other field-related jobs:

  • Highly Skilled, Regular Labor: A large number of jobs available for regular labor and skilled workers with healthy salaries are available.
  • Educational Institutions: Educational jobs are highly demanded and highly paid jobs. These jobs include Teaching, research, and related fields.
  • Scientific Researcher: Applicants interested in scientific research can also find a large number of jobs here.

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Netherlands Companies Offering Work Visa Sponsorship 2024

I’m mentioning some important sites where a large number of Netherlands companies are listed that offer visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners. Applicants can search on search engines and can apply through other companies.

#1 Public Register Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants

Here are 10,000+ companies in the Netherlands with a large number of job opportunities in different fields with visa sponsorship.

#2 Public Register Educational Institutions

These are jobs for candidates who are related to the educational department. These candidates can apply for jobs in Teaching and other jobs related to these fields in Netherlands institutions.

#3 Public Register Scientific Researcher Directive (EU)

These are jobs in the field of science and science-related research. Candidates of science and research can apply to get these good salary jobs.

Other Netherlands Companies offering jobs with huge Benefits

These are some famous and highly-paid companies in the Netherlands. Search these companies on the search engine go to the careers section and apply for available opportunities.

  • Randstad
  • Unilever
  • Shell
  • DSM
  • Philips
  • Heineken
  • AkzoNobel
  • ASMA
  • ING

Netherlands Government Jobs Portal

The Dutch Government also publishes job opportunities on their online portal. Candidates can submit applications for suitable positions which can be checked from the below link.

Other Jobs Portals

The below-mentioned portals mention all the latest job opportunities for workers search these on the search engine and submit your application.

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

How to get a Netherlands Work visa

After your application process. The employer who will hire you for the job will provide you with a job offer letter and guide you on how to apply for a “Highly Skilled Migrant Visa” he might Apply on your behalf. After this, you need to get a work permit. Work permit details can be checked HERE 

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