Chile Work Visa Process 2024 (Application Procedure)


Chile is a South American country. Chile work visa process is explained below for applicants who want to work and enjoy the beauty of Chile. This a country with a good population of 19 million and a great number of work opportunities in different fields. Get a Chile work visa make good earnings, and enjoy scenes of good places. Follow the steps of the Chile Work Visa Process and get a work visa.

Every year a large number of foreign workers get approved for their work visas with an average of 90%. The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs published information about visas approved last year and a large number of applicants got Chile visas. Almost all people in every field can secure positions. Opportunities are available in agriculture, IT, Management, and many more.

Applicants who want to move to Chile and want to work have to apply for different visas according to stay and work. Applicants who have a job offer in Chile need to apply for Chile Temporary Resident Visa. If workers have work opportunities and have to work more than 1 year they have to get Visa Subject to a Contract. These were some basic details about Chile’s work visa. The application process with full guidance is provided below.

How to get Chile Work Visa | Chile work visa process

Host Country Chile
Capital of Chile Santiago
Region South America
Visa Offered Work Visa

Chile Work Visas for Foreigners

  • Chile Work Visa
  • Temporary Resident Visa

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#1 Chile Work Visa

Applicants who are offered a job in Chile and have to work in any field for more than 1 year then they have to get a Chile work visa. On this Chile work visa, you can legally work anywhere in any part of the country.

#2 Chile Temporary Resident Visa

Applicants who have a job contract in any field for less than 1 year need to get a Chile Temporary Residence Visa to stay and work in Chile. This is the most approved visa of last year and can be renewed again if workers still have work opportunities.

Companies According to Job Fields for Foreign Workers

A large number of Chile companies are offering jobs in the following below-mentioned fields:

  • Finance:Banco de Chile, Banco Estado and Banco Santander
  • Tourism:Sky and LATAM Airlines and Hotelera Nacional
  • Agriculture: Viña Cono Sur, Agrosuper and SQM
  • Mining:BHP, Codelco and Antofagasta Minerals
  • Services: Accenture, IBM, Deloitte and Accenture

Approved Employers by the Government of Chile

The Chilean government has published a detailed list of companies which is approved by the Ministry of Labor Chile. These approved employers hire foreign workers on vis sponsor jobs. These approved employers after offering sponsor jobs will guide workers about the visa process and required documents.

Documents Required for Chile work visa

Applicants interested in Chile and want to get a Chile work visa and earn are advised to complete these documents as soon as possible:

  • Job offer letter from the company.
  • Work contract in Spanish Language.
  • The signed Contract must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chile.
  • Copies of educational transcripts or degrees.
  • A valid Passport
  • A well-taken Photo
  • Police clearance Certificate from home country
  • Applicant must be older than 18 years

Work Visa Fee

Visa fees vary time by time from $50 to $150. Sometimes applicants have to pay the fee after the application process or the application gets approved. If the application gets denied (Hope Fully Not) you don’t need to pay a fee.

Processing Time

The Chile Work visa process usually takes a max of 2 weeks or more. Usually not delayed more than 2 weeks.

Chile Visa Duration

Applicants who have a job offer in Chile will get a work visa for 2 years. If applicants have still job opportunities after 2 years this visa can be renewed.

Chile Permanent Residency Process

Workers who will stay and work in Chile for 5 years are eligible to apply for a Chile permanent Residency permit. If an applicant gets a Chile passport he will be eligible to Visit 174 destinations without visa requirements.

How to Apply for Chile Visa

Workers who will get a job offer from an employer in Chile are guided to follow the below steps to get a work visa.

  • Visit the official site and open the application form: HERE
  • Fill out the work visa application form with the required details.
  • Authorization and other steps related information can be found: HERE

Chile Work Visa Site for Foreigners

Here is an Athenic website where foreign workers can easily apply and get a Chile Work Visa.


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