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Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs 2024 | Fly Emirates Highly Paid Jobs


Emirates is currently offering Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs. Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs are highly paid jobs in the UAE and all around the world. These are comfortable and highly-paid jobs with min salary of 12,000 AED/month. Crew members will earn a good salary and travel around the world. Selected members can travel and enjoy the view of different tourist places of the world. We knew that cabin crew jobs are quite easy and they only have to serve water and other food items. Emirates hires its different members on different dates across the year. Currently, Emirates is hiring cabin crew members so apply and avail opportunity you can also apply for other job locations.

Emirates is one of the world’s biggest airlines of the world and is known for quality services during flite operations. Not only healthy salaries cabin crew members also enjoy several benefits including Accommodation, Free Travel, a good number of leaves, food expenses while land in other countries, and Furnished accommodation. These were basic details about Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs 2024 further application process is described below.

Emirates Cabin Crew Positions 2024

Country UAE
Airline Emirates
Salary Net. 10,170 AED/month

Benefits of Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs 2024

These are some huge benefits that applicants will enjoy after becoming part of Emirates:

  • These are highly-paid jobs every month members will get a basic salary of AED 4,430
  • Cabin crew members will also get Flying Pay of 63.75 AED per hour. On average a Crew member can work or fly 80 to 100 hours in one month.
  • If we made a net total a single Cabin crew member can make more than 10,170 AED.
  • Travel around the world in beautiful and expensive countries for free.

Family: Selected candidates can bring their family with them in UAE and they can stay at an apartment or accommodation provided by the Emirates.

Layover Expenses: These expenses include meal and accommodation expenses of Cabin crew members when they travel to another country and have a stay.

Accommodation: Emirates Cabin crew members will get accommodation in one of the most famous and beautiful cities of the world Dubai. Where members don’t need to pay any tax on their salary and enjoy furnished accommodation and free food.

Transportation: All traveling expenses of Cabin crew members will be covered by Emirates from stay location to job location.

Free Uniform: Cabin crew members will get free uniforms which they will wear during flights. Including free dry cleaning.

Leaves: Cabin crew members will get 30 leaves in one year

Free ticket: Cabin crew members will get one free ticket to travel to their country of stay.

Emirates is increasing their Crew members count to 20000 which can be checked here: Emirates Media Centre. There is also a detailed description of the benefits that Cabin crew members will enjoy.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who want to get selected for Cabin crew members have to meet the following below-mentioned criteria:

  • Grip in the English language is a compulsory requirement. If you know other languages, it will help in selection.
  • The high requirement for applicants is 160cm and the reach must be 212cm or high.

UAE’s employment visa requirements

  • Candidate must have at least one year of customer service or dealing experience. Dealing with people is an important requirement and part of Emirates Airlines.
  • Candidate must have a grade 12 education or high school education.
  • Tattoos are prohibited. Don’t show up during working hours.

Job Contract with Emirates

Initially, the applicant will get a three-year job contract with Emirates. This job contract is a rule set by the UAE.

Cabin crew members’ Duties

These are some duties that crew members have to perform during flight operations:

  • Welcome and help passengers
  • Prepare for departure and guide people about departure.
  • Customer service
  • Serve passengers during flights
  • Guide safety procedures to passengers
  • Provide First aid and guide people about it.
  • Make arrangements for arrival

The selection process for Emirates Jobs

Fill out the application below link and submit it with the mentioned documents After receiving your application Emirates will send you an email and invite you for an interview. After getting selected you will become part of the Emirates recruitment drive.

How to Apply

The application process for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs 2024 is online. Visit the below provided official link and submit an application for the position of your interest with supportive documents.


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