Italy Seasonal Work Visa Application Process 2024 (44,000 Jobs)


Currently, there is high demand for Italy Seasonal Work Visa. The application process for Italy Seasonal Work Visa is explained below step by step. Every year Italian government offers a number of visas to foreign workers For 2024 Italian government announced 44,000 work visas. These visas are offered under the Decreto Flussi program 2024. The goal of this organization is to facilitate max of workers applying from outside of European countries. This means non-European people have a large number of opportunities so submit your application before 31st December of 2024.

Workers can perform working activities across the country. After completing this process applicants can stay and work for 9 months in Italy. Initially, you will get this Italy work permit for 9 months and you can renew it after 9 months if you still have working activities. These were basic details of the job in Italy Further details and the application process are explained below.

Italy Seasonal Work Visa Process 2024

Country Italy
Visa Type Seasonal Work visa
No of Visas 44,000
Eligible Countries Non-Europeans

IMPORTANT: Applicants have to find an employer in Italy to avail of these visa programs.

Fields for Seasonal Visa 2024

  • Agriculture with all related fields
  • Tourism
  • Hotel and Restaurants

Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2024 Application processes

Follow the below explained 4 steps and we hope this will lead you to get a good job in Italy. Italy has highly paid jobs for foreigners so must apply and avail of this opportunity.

#1 Find an Employer

The first and most important requirement is employers. Applicants can find employers from the below websites, all types of employers are available including seasonal employers in the below links

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#2 Authorization by Employer

The second step involves authorization. The employer who will hire you will apply for authentication on behalf of the worker. Which involves the application process for the migration of workers from workplace to workplace.

#3 Get Italy National D Visa

The third step involves getting an Italy National D visa (Italian Long Stay Visa). To get a long stay visa authorization process must be completed. After the authorization process employer will contact with Italian embassy and apply to get your visa.

For other purposes, applicants have to apply for the National D Visa and for seasonal work, a D Visa is required. For further guidance visit the Italian embassy. They will guide

#4 Residence Permit

Applicants who will get a visa from the above-mentioned visas are eligible to land and move across Italy. Then you need to get work merit to work in Italy. In 4th step, you have to apply for a Residence permit which will allow workers to work in Italy.

Duration of Italian Work Visa

Applicants will be allowed to stay and work according to the job offer granted by the employer. According to visa type applicants can stay as:

  • National D Visa Duration: 1 Year
  • Residence Permit Duration: 9 Months

Italy work Visa Cost

The basic cost of an Italian work visa is €116. It might vary according to the time you apply

Residence Permit Cost

Residence permit cost also depends on permit duration which is given below.

  • 3 and 12 months Residence Permit cost: €40
  • 12 and 24 months Residence Permit Cost: €50
  • Cost of long-term residence permit: €100 for

Other Expenses

  • Postal kit: €30
  • Tax stamp: €16
  • Issuance cost: €30.46

Main Steps Involve in Italy Seasonal Work Visa

  • A Job and offer letter.
  • The employer who will process your application and complete Authorization.
  • Get an Italy National D Visa from the Italian Embassy then pay all process fees.
  • Travel to Italy
  • Get a Residence permit within a weak in Italy.

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