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Job Seeker Visa UAE 2024 Application Process


Job Seeker Visa UAE 2024. To get jobs in UAE you have to apply for a UAE Job Seeker Visa, UAE is a country that is full of work opportunities. In other countries, applicants must have a job offer before applying for a work visa but the UAE is a country that offers Work visas to applicants without a job offer. UAE is a beautiful Arab country located in the Middle East. Currently, Middle Eastern countries are part of the world’s fastest progress-making countries and UAE is a part of these Middle Eastern countries.

UAE has started a large number of projects that will be completed in the next 10 years, For these projects UAE is hiring a large number of workers. Interested candidates can land in UAE without a Job offer and find a suitable job for themselves.

The Job Seeker Visa UAE is a valid visa and legal permit for workers to land in UAE stay for 2, 3, or 4 months, and find a suitable job. Workers can visit famous cities of the United Arab Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities are famous tourist cities of UAE. Getting a UAE job seeker visa is a very simple and easy process. Interested candidates are advised to follow the below procedure and get a high-income job in UAE.

UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024 Jobs in UAE

Country UAE
Visa Job Seeker Visa
Eligible countries ALL

Brief Info about UAE Job Seeker or Visit Visa

Like other countries UK, Canadian applicants need a valid job offer from an employer to land and work in this country. But UAE offers 90 days or 120 days visa to applicants on this visa applicants can visit and find a good job that suits them.

The UAE Job Seeker Visa for foreign workers was started last year and will start a new season in October of 2023.

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Duration of UAE Job Seeker Temporary Visa

Applicants can stay for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 4 months according to the offer they avail to find different Job Opportunities in UAE.


  • Don’t require a Job offer from the Employer or company.
  • Don’t require a work permit to stay in UAE
  • A long duration stay of 120 days for visiting and finding Jobs in UAE.

Visa Cost for UAE Job Seeker or Visit Visa 2024

As we mentioned above Job seeker visa applicants can stay from 1 month to 4 months in UAE. The cost of a visa varies according to the months the applicant wants to stay.

  • If the applicant wants to stay for 60 days, then the visa cost will be: AED 555.75
  • If the applicant wants to stay for 90 days, then the visa cost will be: AED 685.75
  • If the applicant wants to stay for 120 days, then the visa cost will be: AED 815.75

It might be by the date the applicant applies.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Job Seeker Visa UAE

All applicants who are interested in getting a job in UAE have to meet the following below-mentioned criteria.

  • Applicants must have skills according to the level set by UAE Level One, Two, and Three.
  • Applicants must complete graduation from the top 500 Universities of the world.
  • Applicant must be fresh graduated or at least 2-year-old graduate is eligible.
  • A bachelor’s degree education is necessary.

Skills according to the profession for getting a Job Seeker Visa UAE

  • Skill Level 1: Managers, business executives, and Legislators
  • Skill Level 2: Technical, human fields, and scientific-related fields.
  • Skill Level 3: Technical, humanitarians, and Technicians in scientific
  • Skill Level 4: Writing Professionals field
  • Skill Level 5: Sales and Service
  • Skill Level 6: Agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and Skilled workers
  • Skill Level 7: Craftsmen and mining
  • Skill Level 8: Operators and assemblers of equipment
  • Skill Level 9: Professions.

Basic Requirements for UAE Visa

The following are basic requirements applicants have to complete.

  • A Photo (Passport Size)
  • Passport and Identity card (CNIC).
  • Copy of passport
  • Academic documents or Transcripts (attested)

Method to Apply for the UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024

The application process is online and simple for a Job seeker visa in UAE. Follow the guidelines from the below steps and get it easily.

  • Go to the Official website: HERE
  • Choose Related online services from the bottom.
  • Select the visa you want to get according to months.
  • Complete the application form with all required details and attach the necessary documents in a supportive format.
  • Pay fee.
  • Apply.

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