Winter Japan Cultural Exchange Program 2024


Winter Japan Cultural Exchange Program 2024 is still collecting applications, we are here to inform you that you must apply for this program if you are interested. This is a cultural program in Japan to which every student from all over the world can apply for this program. Japan is also offering an exchange program with this cultural program. Japan is providing a very beneficial opportunity that is funded so don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

Every student living in any country can apply freely for this program because this program does not have any nationality restrictions. This cultural program in Japan is held by AYFN. This cultural program in Japan will teach the students about culture and will give awareness about the social environment. To apply for this program there is no restriction on the file you can apply freely it does not with which field you are associated. This program will give details about the culture of Japan and will teach how to make it friendly. This will also help the students to exchange their knowledge of one culture with another culture. Winter Japan Cultural will be a culture-based program and not an exchange program.

Country Japan
HOST Japanese Government
Location Osaka and Kyoto Scholarships
Coverage Funded


Japan is inviting students from every country in the world to hold a cultural exchange program and some travel activities.

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Financial Benefits of This Winter Exchange Program:

  1. The expense of air tickets from the country of stay to Japan will be covered by the Japanese government.
  2. The accommodation which will be 5 days max will be covered by the Japanese government.
  3. Food will also be provided by the Japanese government
  4. They will be at the airport to pick you up.
  5. A schedule of 5 days will be provided to you.
  6. From airports to traveling places all expenses will be afforded by the government.
  7. All train and bus travel expenses are also included.
  8. A certificate of your participation in the program will be provided to you.
  9. Program supervision will be
  10. During the stay 24 hours’ security
  11. In Japan, administration costs will be provided

Benefits & Related Activities:

  1. All the cultural activities that will be performed in the main cities of Japan are Tokyo and Osaka.
  2. You have to visit the nearest center that is located in Tokyo and Osaka.
  3. You can enjoy Japanese music there.
  4. Go around and watch closely the main areas of Kyoto.
  5. You can enjoy the 5-day stay in Tokyo without any cost
  6. Learn about Japanese culture and basic thing
  7. Enjoy the winter season there
  8. You can experience the Japanese traveling framework
  9. Enjoy the tour of Osaka and Tokyo for almost 5 days
  10. Observe the behavior of Japanese local people
  11. Full of the learning experience
  12. A certificate will be given to you for your presence
  13. Meet people around the world
  14. Learn how to live and make friends in abroad countries

Eligibility Criteria:

The following basic requirements are explained below to become eligible for this cultural program.

  1. Student’s age must be over 15 and must be less than 35
  2. Students from every country can apply here
  3. You have to contract to join all the parts of the program
  4. Must be comfortable facing the environment of Japan easily
  5. You have to pay the application fee to enjoy these benefits
  6. Only physically and mentally healthy students can apply

Registration Fee details are given as:

  1. If you are not part of AYFN you have to pay 15 USD
  2. If you are a present member of AFYN then you have to pay 10 USD

Method of applying:

We have provided the links below to apply for this cultural exchange program you can apply there easily.

For Apply:

  1. Applicants can apply from the button given below like APPLY HERE. It will take you to the official page
  2. You can also go to the official advertisement by Clicking on the button OFFICIAL SITE.
APPLY HERE                                                  OFFICIAL SITE

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