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The fully funded University of Manitoba Work-Study Program 2024 is allowing applicants to complete their education and work part-time on campus to earn and build their skills. Several scholarships are offered for undergraduate & postgraduate programs through the University of Manitoba. One key issue of the University of Manitoba Work-Study Program is its emphasis on integrating realistic paintings stories with academic getting to know. By presenting positions that align with students’ fields of take a look at, the program pursuits to bridge the gap between concept and exercise, preparing them for the personnel after commencement. This approach complements college students’ knowledge in their chosen disciplines and helps them practice study room knowledge to real-world conditions.

Participation in the Work-Study Program is typically open to college students who demonstrate monetary need, offering them with the hazard to offset the prices in their education via part-time employment. The program fosters inclusivity and diversity with the aid of supplying opportunities to a wide variety of students, ensuring that folks who may face financial limitations can still access valuable work reviews.

The University of Manitoba collaborates with various departments and devices throughout the campus to provide a diverse array of positions underneath the Work-Study Program. These positions can encompass roles in research, administration, library offerings, and other regions relevant to students’ academic hobbies. The variety of available positions permits college students to discover extraordinary factors of campus life and broaden a nicely-rounded talent set. All brilliant applicants who are interested in completing their education and want financial support must avail this opportunity. All international applicants are eligible for this University of Manitoba Canada work and Study program.

Country Canada
University University of Manitoba
Program Undergraduates & Postgraduates
Coverage Funded

This scholarship program includes awards, career development, and financial support for applicants. This initiative is taken by the University of Manitoba to provide equal opportunities for work and study to all international applicants whether they are men, women, or people with disabilities huge opportunity for work and study is provided to applicants which will lead them towards a successful future. This program also includes female racialized communities, all sexual orientations, and Indigenous persons all these will play an important role in further development.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Manitoba Work-Study Program

Interested candidates who want to enroll in the funded University of Manitoba Work-Study Program 2024 have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must have government aid sponsorship of 2000 dollars. Or aid sponsorship in case of any special candidates like disabled candidates. Past aid sponsorship of applicants will not be considered and personal bank balance and related sources will also not be considered. You have to send an email to Work-Study so we will know about your plan.
  • The applicant also has to register himself at the University of Manitoba for winter 2024 for a full-time undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Candidate’s past academic percentage must be above 60% with respect to 9 credits. Further details on the official site and the average of applicant records must be above 2.0.
  • Be residing in an institution work-study term.

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How to apply for the University of Manitoba Work-Study Program

Interested candidates need to follow following below-mentioned steps to become part of the University of Manitoba Work-Study Program 2024:

Step 1: Work-Study intake process

Step 2: Group orientation session( Candidate have to attend)

Step 3: Submit an application for Work-Study positions

You have to apply every year gain for work-study. Which is necessary due to the financial aid process and requirements.

How to apply for Work-Study

  • Candidates have to Register for UMConnect
  • Follow the navigation and on the left side, you will see Work-Study after this go to Work-Study Program Application.
  • Candidates have to complete all steps and after completing and accepting you have to submit an application.
  • The applicant also has to attach all demanded documents which will include academic documents and aid documents.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the University of Manitoba Work-Study Program 2024 is September.

APPLY HERE                                              OFFICIAL SITE

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