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Singapore International Graduate Award 2024 will be awarded to young talented students who have performed very well in their studies. This program is inviting the world’s talented students to shine the world with their skills and complete their Ph.D. at the University of Singapore. Students of a graduate program can apply for this fellowship to shine their future by studying in the world’s best institutes. This fellowship program is funded and provides you with the world’s best opportunity to complete your research work in the world’s best university by working with the world’s best guiding scholars.

The main aim of this program is to gather the world’s best minds in Singapore and make the Singapore world’s best hub. This fellowship is making a connection between the world’s best students and Singapore. The applicants can complete their research work in different fields like doctoral and many more at the best universities in Singapore. Because this is a big gathering of SINGA and the best universities and institutes in Singapore. If you think you are area area-talented student and want to complete your research work, then you can apply for this fellowship program.

This fellowship will complete the research work at A*STAR Research Institutes which is located in Singapore. Singapore International Graduate Award will teach you how to live in an ecocultural environment because you have to live with people from different countries.

They will also learn how can you make your country powerful economically and scientifically. This fellowship program will give you a lot of experience in Singapore and its culture because you have to live four years in this country to complete your research work. You will be able to realize how Singapore has become such a strong country for research work. So you can get double the benefit from this fellowship once you complete your research work and second you will get experience about how can you shine your country’s name.

Country Singapore
Labs Names A*STAR, NTU, NUS, or SUTD.
Organization Agency for Science and Technology, Research
Program Ph.D. and Doctorate

The benefits of the Singapore International Graduate Award:

  • The fees of the applicants will be covered by SINGA completely.
  • The students will be given a stipend of S$ 2,000 every month.
  • If you complete your 1st exam successfully then your stipend will be increased up to $2500.
  • Students will also get 1-time air travel expense which will be up to S$ 1500.
  • The applicants will also get a 1st-time settlement bonus which will be S$ 1000.
  • The applicants will also get a setting expense which will be up to S$ 1,000.

Eligibility Criteria For SINGA 2024:

  • This fellowship is only for international students.
  • The students have to provide proof of their bachelor’s degree or it’s equal to it.
  • The applicants must have excellent past academic results.
  • The students must have to provide original academic documents.
  • This program does not demand that you must be good at English, you can also provide diplomas as proof as well.
  • International students who have already completed tertiary education in this country are not eligible for this fellowship.
  • The students can not apply for a master’s program by using this fellowship program.
  • Singapore will provide the facility of Ph.D. for new fresh students only.
  • Ph.D. students can also apply only to a few mentioned fields and cannot apply for other programs.

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Applying Method For SINGA?

  • The students will submit their documents through an online portal.
  • The students have to select a research project that they want to select by just visiting “Go to Research Areas”.
  • The students have to provide reference letters that are compulsory directly to SINGA.
  • When your application process starts The SINGA will receive 2 reference letters from you.
  • All original documents must be provided in PDF form
  • The students have to write their research of interest on the application form in which they want to enroll
  • The student can apply up to 3 interests of research at a time.
  • You do not need a supervisor to apply for this fellowship program.

Required Documents:

  • Students have to provide a copy of their valid passports.
  • A recent colored photo of passport size is also required.
  • All the past academic results cards are in soft form.
  • 2 recommendation letters.
  • English learning certificate if the institute demands it.

Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for this SINGA fellowship program is 1 Dec, So do not forget to apply within the due date.
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