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President’s PhD Scholarships 2024 is a scholarship designed for PhD students who want to study in London and want to enjoy the experience of London. This president PhD scholarship program is totally funded scholarship program, this program will support applicants in every aspect like in their research work and studies. There is no specific nationality applicants are allowed every applicant from every country can apply freely. This scholarship’s basic aim is to support those students who have the best academic records but cannot continue their studies due to financial crises. Imperial College London is making the dream of students to complete higher education in the world’s best institutes.

The Imperial College is offering these scholarships to remove the difference in education that is created between rich applicants and low-economy students just because of finance. If you are also one of those students who can’t complete their PhD research work just due to finance, then you must apply for Imperial College London scholarships. Besides these benefits, President PhD scholarships 2024 are highly supporting applicants with disabilities because they aim to shine the talented minds so that they become a part of the progress of the world. This scholarship is beneficial for both students and the college because when the college supports applicants people will support the efforts of the college.

They will support each applicant completely so that applicants must play an important role in the adamant of the technology. They will support applicants in research fields and provide them with each course related to their degree. With financial support, this scholarship program will also provide full support of medical assistance to applicants. Applicants will also have a gathering with different communities of the UK; they will also enjoy the beautiful environment of the UK.

President’s PhD Scholarship program will support those students who are brilliant in their academic records but due to low financial support, cannot get admission to good institutes. They will produce world-class world-class doctors, engineers, and leaders who will lead their nation in the future. The Imperial College will facilitate 50 scholars who have done excellent in their BS degree programs and master’s degree programs. If you are looking for a PhD scholarship on a totally funded base then you’re in the right place, here below we have completely described the requirements and benefits of this funded scholarship program.

Country Offering: UK, United Kingdom

University Offering: Imperial College London

Course Offered: PhD Programs

Scholarship Duration: Up to 3.5 years

No. of Scholarships: 50 Research Scholarships for international applicants

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Benefits of President’s PhD Scholarships

  1. There is no tuition fee for PhD applicants during the whole degree.
  2. Every scholar in PhD program will get a stipend of £22,900 every year for accommodation expenses.
  3. Applicants will also receive a consumable fluid of £2000 every year for 3 years.
  4. Disabled applicants will receive tailored assistance. This support will be available only to brilliant minds with disabilities.
  5. Applicants can join communities of different colleges and they can make a good network.

Eligibility Criteria for President’s PhD Scholarships

  1. Every international applicant is eligible to apply for this scholarship program.
  2. Education of each international must be equal to a bachelor’s degree or MS degree in the UK.
  3. The candidates who have stand-alone master’s degrees must have or are about to have a distinction in their relevant program.
  4. If applicants have multiple degrees in BS or master’s degree programs, then there must be a distinction I these degrees, and these degrees must be relevant to an applied PhD degree program.
  5. Applicants who will contact their supervisor for assistance in research work will only receive assistance.
  6. If you are a fresh applicant for PhD degree program then you are eligible the applicants who are already part of Imperial College are not eligible for this scholarship program.

Method to Apply for President’s PhD Scholarships

  1. Applicants have to apply in a combined form for both scholarship and admission.
  2. Applicants have to visit the online portal to secure admission at Imperial College London.
  3. Applicants have to write a statement on 2 pages on the 1st page you have to write your personal interest and on the 2nd page, you have to write about your research work.
  4. Applicants have to write a personal statement by using 1st
  5. To entertain this scholarship students, have to select the scholarship option from the additional questions Tab.
  6. Every applicant has to fulfill requirements according to the selected department so complete according to yours.

Required Documents

  1. Your proofs of distinction.
  2. Your past Certificates or degrees.
  3. A well-written Research Proposal.
  4. Reference Letters in PDF or demanded form.

Application Deadline

Imperial College mentioned three different deadlines for applicants:

  1. 4 Nov and Scholarship notification will be received by 23 January.
  2. 6 Jan 2024 and Scholarship notification will be received by 20 March.
  3. 3 March 2024 and Scholarship notification will received by 22 May.
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