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KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 is calling you now to South Korea to continue your studies after your bachelor’s degree program. South Korea is one of the famous countries for Scholarships that provide advanced knowledge of this present era and make the students such talented that every institute demands of them. The KAIST University Scholarship 2024 only selects a few applicants. These students are selected by the government of South Korea on the basis of the best academic results, personal skills, integrity, and leadership skills of applicants.

KAIST is one of the best institutes in South Korea. This institute was founded in 1971 by the government of Korea. KAIST Institute has three campuses, 2 in Daejeon and Seoul, and one consists of a few numbers schools and colleges, a total of thirty-eight departments. A large no of applicants graduate from KAIST Institute every year. KAIST does not have its resources limited to graduates’ education it also includes a large no of schools, colleges, workshops, and internships.

There is no limited number of courses offered by KAIST Scholarships. It provides courses in almost every field of life. It’s a huge opportunity for every international student to get advanced knowledge from famous South Korean institutes. This KAIST Scholarship will support all types of your expenses.

Information ABOUT KAIST Institute

KAIST is well known worldwide for being the world’s biggest research university. The KAIST is listed in the list of the world’s top research institutes and universities. In the total world ranking the KAIST is ranked number 99, but in Asia, this university’s popularity is much higher and in the list of Asian universities this university is ranked number 13. If your finance is not very high, then we think you should not miss out on this great opportunity.

Country Providing: South Korea

University Offering Name: KAIST, South Korea

Degree Offered: All Undergraduate Programs

Program Names Offered by KAIST Scholarship

A large number of programs and short courses are offered by the KAIST Scholarship 2024.

College Sciences courses:

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematical Sciences
  3. Chemistry

Bio Related courses

  1. Biological Sciences program

College Engineering Courses

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  6. Bio and Brain Engineering
  7. The course Industrial Design
  8. Industrial Programs course and Course of Systems Engineering
  9. Materials Science Program and Engineering Program Courses
  10. Nuclear Program and Quantum Engineering Courses

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Courses Related to College Business

  1. Business and Technology Management

Courses Duration:

The KAIST is offering every degree for a minimum of four years

Benefits of KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

  1. Your tuition fee expenses for a total of 4 years
  2. Your accommodation expenses will be covered by the Korean government
  3. All medical expenses will be covered by KAIST

Eligibility Criteria for KAIST Scholarship 2024

Detailed eligibility criteria for the KAIST graduate Scholarship are given.

  1. The students must be residents of Korea.
  2. Your past results must be outstanding.
  3. You have to provide the original certificates of your academic results with the original stamps of institutes.
  4. Students with nationality in more than 1 country cannot apply for this Scholarship.

Method to Apply for KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

  1. It is recommended that you read the guidelines first before applying for the KAIST Scholarship program.
  2. The official site of the KAIST Scholarship program is provided below you must fill out the form completely with the correct details.
  3. Check your pay form for the KAIST Scholarship and fill it in with your correct details. Do not confirm it before checking once again.
  4. Submit all your required documents in PDF form and after completing the checking click on the submit button.

Documents Required for KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

  1. You can watch the form by following the official link
  2. You have to provide 1 recommendation latter
  3. Your High school Transcript
  4. Passport or National ID Copy of Your Country
  5. Detailed Statement of Your Financial Resources and related income sources

For Candidates from the Korean region

  1. Certificate of their Facts
  2. Loss of Your Korean Nationality.

Application Deadline:

The last date to apply for the KAIST Scholarship consists of three parts


  1. The application starts on Sept 3.
  2. The last date to submit the Application and Documents: is Oct 22.
  3. The last date for submitting the Recommendation Letter: is Oct 29.

Regular Applicants:

  1. Applications will start from Nov 9
  2. The last date to submit your Application and Related Documents: is Jan 14.
  3. The last date for submitting your Recommendation Letter: is Jan 22.


  1. Applications will start on March 1.
  2. The last date to submit your Application and Documents: is May 27.
  3. The last date for submitting the Recommendation Letter is May 30.
Apply HERE                                      Official SITE

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