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ISPA Global Fellowship program is one of the latest changes for applicants who want to explore America. This fellowship program is designed for those American fellows who have a relationship with art and they are mid-career professionals. If you are one of the above-mentioned fellows and are interested in joining this ISPA Global Fellowship program, then you can expand a good network of your work around the world with people with leadership qualities. Applicants of different ages and from different religions with different can apply freely without any restriction. Besides this interested applicants who want to become a part of the ISPA global fellowship program will deal with disciplines and arts organizations.

Selected candidates will be given a chance to visit one of the world’s best states in America they will explore America and each and every aspect of America. As we know advancements are made in the world day by day so this exploration is also gaining popularity day by day and different organizations are supporting those applicants who are interested in this field. A number of partners and organizations are facilitating applicants so this whole fellowship will contain a number of participants. When you become a member of this ISPA fellowship you will entertain the following benefits, like website content, newsletters, and social media.

This ISPA fellowship will add a new member for the working of this network all this is decided in the first Congress meeting. The procedure of hiring these new members will be completed in this way every new member will work with old hired members and they will work for the betterment of the program. These old members will train new members and teach them how to work with this organization. This whole procedure will increase your work’s importance and its benefits all around the world. This fellowship will increase the importance of artwork all around the world and leaders will produce who will change the world, diversified networking and exchanging ideas will be included in this program.

In the USA International Standard Institute of Arts is working to shine the abilities of the applicants those students who belong to different areas of the world with different passions. This ISPA fellowship will spread the importance and benefits of arts in society. All applicants and professionals who are working in the arts for years will work together on this project and awareness will spread among people. This fellowship will support each applicant of different ages with equal rights which will help them to reach their goals.

Host Country: New York, USA.

Host Organization: International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA).

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Program dates

  1. ISPA Membership is Oct-Dec.
  2. For New York, the ISPA Congress will have a duration of Jan 10 – 12.
  3. The Fellows Seminar will be held on Jan 9.

Benefits of the ISPA Global Fellowship Program

  1. This ISPA fellowship will develop the personal and professional habits of applicants.
  2. Applicants will share their ideas with each other and this will be beneficial for the organization and for the world which will produce leaders.
  3. Applicant’s knowledge will increase about recent trends.
  4. Applicants will get knowledge about Arts higher complications.
  5. Applicants will share their knowledge with their area students.
  6. Applicants will get experience at the international level.

Eligibility Criteria of the ISPA Global Fellowship Program

  1. Every international student or applicant can apply.
  2. There is no limit on applicants’ age.
  3. Applicants who deal with the management of arts are also eligible for an ISPA fellowship.
  4. Applicants will play an important role in the better development of the world.
  5. Applicants must show their interest in Arts.
  6. Applicants have to work in an enjoyable environment with other members.

Method to Apply for ISPA Global Fellowship

  1. Applicants have to go to the official site to submit an application.
  2. You have to complete each step of the application step by step.
  3. Make full completion of your application form.
  4. Check it once again before submission.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the ISPA fellowship is Sep 02.

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