How to Apply for UK Skilled Worker Visa 2024 | Tier 2 Visa


All the applicants who need a UK Skilled Worker Visa after getting any job offer from any field of the UK or currently looking for jobs in different fields in the UK. Here we will complete the procedure for your help so read it carefully. This is important to get a UK Skilled Worker Visa for travel to the UK without any difficulties that you might face in the case of faculty.

After Brexit, a large number of job opportunities were announced by the government of the UK for international applicants who have skills in different fields. We all already know that the UK is one of the best countries in the world for getting a quality education and doing jobs because of the good salaries and facilities.

Almost all jobs in the UK have been divided under a tier system these tiers include tier 1 and tier 2. These are tier 2 type jobs with visa sponsorship. For international applicants a large number of tier-based jobs are available and a large number of jobs are available with visa sponsorship. As these visa sponsorship jobs are offered under different companies in the UK all the expenses of these jobs are covered by these companies. These we some basic details of these Jobs in the UK in 2024 for further details and criteria you need to read below provided details below.

How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK

Applicants who will get 2 tier visa for the UK, will be certified workers in the UK. Which will help him to stay and work in the UK without any difficulties.

To get this visa job you must fall in the category of skilled worker vis category. So it is important to select a job carefully to avail this great opportunity.

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Category Details of Skilled Worker Visa in the UK

In the UK, Govt of the UK assigns every job a unique 4-digit code which will show in which category your job falls. So if you have received a job offer then contact your company manager or employer to get your job code.

After getting the code from your employer you can check your job category from this link: CHECK JOB CATEGORY.

In this list, almost every job is listed but if you find that your job is not included then you can see any other similar job.

Salary Offered

After getting a work visa applicants are eligible for this minimum mentioned salary from their employers:

  1. For 1-year min £25,600
  2. For 1 hour’s minimum salary is £10.10

Eligibility Criteria

Here are some below-mentioned criteria for submitting your application for a working visa:

  1. Applicant must receive a job offer from a UK company or Employer.
  2. Applicant’s physical health must be good
  3. Applicants must have an offer letter from their organization or company.
  4. Paid a minimum salary.

Duration of Skilled Worker Visa

Applicants can work for 5 years in the UK. This might be extended after this duration.

Processing time Duration

It usually takes a max of 3 weeks to process a skilled visa.

Application Process Skilled Worker Visa of UK

  1. Applicants have to submit applications online.
  2. You must have a Job offer from a UK company or employer.
  3. You must be an approved applicant so check for your status by visiting this site CHECK HERE
  4. The application can be submitted for a working visa if you have already received any job offer from companies in the UK.
  5. If you think you met all the above-mentioned criteria then you can submit your application through the below-mentioned official link.
  6. Here we provided you with all the necessary details but if you have further ant questions then you can see details from HERE
APPLY HERE                                                  OFFICIAL SITE

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