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Global Korea Scholarship GKS 2024 | Fully Funded


Global Korea Scholarship GKS is a fully funded scholarship for Students who are interested in doing Master’s degree programs in South Korea from world-ranked institutes and universities. These scholarships are available for new applicants for bachelor’s degree programs. This scholarship will also become a source of good connections between Korea and other participating countries. Scholarships offered by Korea are highly appreciated around the world due to the high-quality education system in Korea.

All international applicants are given a call through Global Korea Scholarship to get admission to BS programs and all other associate degree programs. There is no such restriction on countries for this scholarship program so apply as free as you can. 150+ countries are allowed to apply for this scholarship program form 150+ countries from all over the world. Before the GKS scholarship, this program was probably known as the Korean Scholarship program.

Applicants are allowed to apply from 2 sources for this scholarship program 1 is Embassy Track and 2 one is University Track. From tracking GKS Embassy Track, 200 applicants for BS programs will be selected by the Government of South Korea. For applicants who will choose a track of the GKS University Track, the Government of South Korea will lock in 119 applicants who chose this track, and from the international embassy, 81 applicants will be locked in to get admission to the universities of South Korea. The rack applicants will choose will matter for the admission because there is a different deadline for a different track. As South Korea has the best institutes in the world students are highly recommended to apply for this scholarship program.

Host Country: Korea

Funded by: South Korean Government

Degree Level: Bachelor’s Degree and Associate Degree programs

GKS-U Duration:

  1. 5 to 7 years for BS Degree Scholarship and South Korean language for 1 year
  2. 3 to 4 years for the Associate Degree program and South Korean language for 1 year

No. of KGPS Scholarships Offered:

Through this program, 200 students will get admission to universities in South Korea.

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Global Korea Scholarship Benefits 2024

  1. This program will pay the full-time tuition expenses of students.
  2. Students will get a free return ticket from South Korea.
  3. For adjustment of the applicants, a stipend of 200,000 KRW will be provided
  4. A monthly stipend of 900,000 KRW for students
  5. The Korean language program will be free for 1 year.
  6. No admission fee expenses.
  7. Full-time health insurance from the Government of South Korea.
  8. Korean Proficiency stipend of 100,000 KRW for every month
  9. After completion of the degree program, students will receive another grant of 100,000 KRW

Eligibility Criteria for Global Korea Scholarship GKS

  1. Students must belong to countries included in GKS partner countries.
  2. Citizenship of students must be non-Korean and non-dual.
  3. All interested student must pass their high school exam before 28 January or equal to the graduate program.
  4. Students who have an associate degree can only apply for BS degree programs while other students can also apply for post-graduate degree programs.
  5. Under the age of 25 students are allowed for admission.
  6. Interested students must be good in mental and physical health.
  7. You must be consistent and have to maintain a good GPA to continue to entertain this scholarship.

Check other details here: GKS-U Application Guidelines

Method to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship

Applicants applying from the embassy have to apply from Korean embassies held in their own countries. The embassy will select students of interest and suggest them to a university or institute after this candidates will be declared as nominated applicants, after completion of this procedure final selection will be done by NIIED.

Students who will choose the University Track will directly apply for admission to the university. The university will also perform the same procedure and send the nominated list to NIIED for the final selection.

Required Documents

  1. GKS Scholarship Applications Form
  2. Personal Statement of Students
  3. Study Plan held
  4. TWO necessary letters for Recommendation
  5. GKS Agreement of student
  6. Medical Assessment of Applicants
  7. Citizenship clearance
  8. Results of Graduation
  9. High school result Transcripts
  10. Age Clearance
  11. Overseas Korean
  12. Renunciation Document

Application Deadline

  1. Students applying from the home embassy have to wait until the embassy tells them about the deadline.
  2. From the University track, universities will declare the deadline for students as per the university selected by applicants.
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