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GIST Scholarship in South Korea 2024 | Fully Funded


GIST Scholarship in South Korea is welcoming all applicants who want to complete their MS and PhD degree programs in South Korea. This scholarship is offered to all international applicants through Gwangju Institute of Technology, they are welcoming all talented international applicants for MS and Ph.D. programs. The GIST Scholarship in South Korea is basically a scholarship for those students who want to do something great in a research program related to their degree programs. This program will work with a number of universities in South Korea, this program will contain top universities in South Korea and top research laborites with international standards professors.

Scholarships offered by GIST are basically worked on research work related to science and technology. This scholarship is offered in collaboration with the Science Ministry of South Korea and GIST. South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Technology provides full financial support to students for playing a good role in the technology of the advanced era. This program related to science and technology is not limited to a few programs this program will support a number of master’s and PhD programs. Here are some important programs offered to international applicants Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Earth Science and Environmental Engineering, Life Science, Physics and Photon Science, Chemistry and Biomedical Science, Nano bio Materials and Electronics, Integrated Technology, and Artificial Intelligence are some important programs included in this scholarship program.

GIST is one of the old institutes that work on research this institute was developed in 1995 and now it has the world’s top-class trainers and technology. GIST is the world top top-ranked institute for technology advancement. GIST is one of the top institutes in Korea that is working on students’ careers by shining their skills and making them experts in research work. Students will receive certificates from GIST University will be worth a lot in every field of science and technology. It’s almost the 14th year of successful progress of GIST Institute and they are facilitating applicants with world-top-class education.

This institute of South Korea is facilitating the world by providing top-class education in MS and PhD degree programs. They are also becoming a cause of courage for other institutes to do well for the education system of the world. GIST shines applicants by working on research projects and developing skills in students which leads to the progress of world technology. Not only education for applicants GIST also teaches the culture of South Korea and raises the importance of efforts made by the county for education. Below we have explained all benefits, requirements, and application methods for the GIST Scholarship in South Korea.

Host Country: South Korea

University Name: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology or GIST

Degree Offered:

  1. MS degree programs
  2. PhD degree programs
  3. Other Integrated Masters and PhD Degree Programs

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Benefits of the GIST Scholarship

  1. Every applicant will be free of paying the fee GIST scholarship will support completely every applicant.
  2. Every student enrolled in a Master’s degree program will get a 140,000 Won stipend every month.
  3. Every student enrolled in PhD degree program will get a 295,000 Won stipend every month.
  4. Every student of any program under this scholarship program will receive a meal stipend of 100,000 Won. (Note: Applicants will receive these stipends only if they get 9 credits in the previous semester).
  5. Both MS and Ph.D. students will receive another international allowance of 120000 Won, to obtain this stipend students have to obtain a GPA greater than 3.0.
  6. Every applicant of the MS program who is part of the research project will get a stipend of 4,785,384 won every year on the other hand applicants participating in the research fields of PhD program will get a stipend of 12,263,262 won every year.
  7. Traveling expenses on 1 side will be given to every student.
  8. Health allowance will also be given to students who will be able to check up annually.

Eligibility Criteria for GIST Scholarship in South Korea

  1. Students must have a bachelor’s degree to get admission to a master’s or PhD degree program.
  2. The education of the applicant must have an equal value to the Bachelor’s degree in Korea.
  3. The student must be an international applicant.
  4. Students must have an English proficiency certificate.

Method to apply for GIST Scholarship in South Korea:

  1. Students have to apply through the online portal.
  2. Every student has to pay a matriculation fee of 680,000. This fee can be waived afterward by the head of the institute.
  3. If you want to submit your admission request successfully, you have to fill out each step of the GIST Application form.
  4. If you have no information about any field don’t leave it blank, just write NA in that place.

Documents Required for GIST Scholarships

  1. Every student has provided official documents and copies attested by some legal authorities.
  2. Applicants have to submit 2 letters of recommendation attested with stamps of recommendation.
  3. The recommenders people do not need to send their own letters.
  4. Every student must have an English proficiency certificate or IELTS Clearance certificate with good marks.
  5. Every student must have a copy of his passport. These are some necessary documents for GIST Scholarships in South Korea.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the GIST Scholarship program in South Korea is Oct 14.

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