Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada with visa Sponsorship 2024


Applicants from all over the world can apply for fruit-picking jobs in Canada without any experience. These jobs are very easy and you will get good finance for your work. Interested applicants will get jobs in different locations in Canada as fruit pickers. Applicants will call in Canada to pick up the vegetables, fruits, and other things related to them. Picking up fruits is a very easy job and you will get good finance for your work. This process will be held under large organizations in Canada.

This process of factories continues in a few small steps, the first step of this process is picking. Then these fruits and vegetables go through the washing and packing process and then finally sent to markets in trucks. If you make a little bit of observation of jobs in Canada, jobs in the farming and fruit picking fields are the most demanded jobs. At this time Canada also needs a large number of workers in the field of farming and packing fruits. If you are looking for a job send your CV with the correct details.

If we look at the progress of Canada, they make great progress in a short span of time but the population is not much greater so they need labor for different tasks. If you are a job-looking person you might see in articles and newspapers that more than 1 million jobs are available in Canada because they have a shorter labor. They will hire 447,055 workers in the next coming year and 451,000 total in 2024. Today every worker needs a job on visa sponsorship because of expenses to reach a working location. If you are thinking of salary, you will get $14 for every hour of working and $27,000+ for 1 year. This is the start of every worker with no experience but applicants with experience can earn up to $30,000 for 1 year of working.

Country: Canada

Field of Job: Agriculture

Job Offered: Fruit Picker

Experience: No experience is required

Education: Not a High requirement

Age Restriction: No

Job: Visa sponsorship

Salary: $14-20/Hour minimum $14/ hour

Fruit Available for Picking

  1. Apples
  2. Grapes
  3. Plums
  4. Peaches
  5. Prunes
  6. Cherries
  7. Strawberries
  8. Raspberries, etc.

This opportunity is on the basis of first come first serve, so apply as soon as possible. Applicants who want to earn good finance in a short period of time must submit an application.

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Benefits of Fruit picking jobs in Canada

  1. Selected labor will get accommodation
  2. Relocation support like Airfare
  3. Medical expenses and insurance for 1st three months.
  4. For Visa Sponsorship visit (

Eligibility Criteria

These jobs are particular for foreign workers so applicants can apply from any country in the world without any restriction.

Foreigner labor must apply to earn good finance, these jobs are mostly demanded in 1. India, 2.Nigeria, 3. The Philippines, 4. Pakistan, 5.Ethiopia, 6.Bangladesh, 7.Kenya, 8. Cameroon, 9. Ghana, 10.Nigeria, 11.UAE 12.The United Arab Emirates, 13.Trinidad & Tobago, 14.South Africa, 15.Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

List of Fruit Picker Jobs 2024 With Visa Sponsorship

It is the dream of every worker to do a job in a very peaceful place without the disturbance of noise. So Canada is one of the world’s most peaceful countries and fruit picking is a healthy job.

Location of Job Number of  jobs Apply Links
Alberta 2 APPLY HERE >
British Columbia 10 APPLY HERE >
Canada 40 APPLY HERE >
New Brunswick 2 APPLY HERE >
Nova Scotia 1 APPLY HERE >
Ontario 18 APPLY HERE >
Québec 5 APPLY HERE >
Saskatchewan 1 APPLY HERE >

Here you can look for a job according to your own nature.

Jobs in British Columbia

  1. BC Cherry Association: If you are fond of picking cherries, here you will find cherry-picking jobs.
  2. BC Fruit Grower Association: submit your CV to them through Email, and they will send you available seats.
  3. Jealous Fruits Recruitment: If you need paid accommodation contact them.
  4. Carcajou Fruit: If you need paid accommodation with low charges contact them.

Fruit Picking Jobs In Ontario

Ontario is one of the famous locations in Canada for producing apples, so a large number of apple-picking jobs are available here.

  1. McLean and Buckhorn Berry Farm: No public transport is available here, they deal with transportation.
  2. Barrie Hill Farms
  3. Downey’s Strawberry also Apple Farm
  4. Albion Orchards
  5. Dixie Orchards

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs 2024

  1. The first applicant needs to submit an application for an apple picker job which is offered with the sponsorship of a Visa.
  2. If you will get selected they will inform you through your provided Email.
  3. After this, they will help you with the working and visa process.


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