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France is one of the best places to work today we will discuss France work Visa process to work in France. International candidates who want to work in France need to apply for a long-stay Visa. Every year France issue a number of work visa for foreigners to work in France in different fields. Last year France approved 320,000 work permits, applicants who avail of these permits can work legally in France. Most of the applicants got their visas approved with an overall success rate greater than 90%.

Workers who want to move to France and want to work can avail different visas according to their job. These visas include Job Seeker Visas, salaried employment visas, seasonal work visas, and self-employed visas. To work and stay legally in France for more than 90 days you need to get a work visa and residency permit. Below we described each step in detail to get a French work visa and residency permit.

Work in France | France Work Visa Process 2024

Country France
Visa Type Business, seasonal, salaried, and Job Seeker
Eligible Countries Non-EU Nationals

These countries Don’t Require a France Work Visa

Applicants who want to work in France from these countries don’t need to get a France work visa. The countries included are as follows:

  • European Union, Vatican, European Economic Area
  • Switzerland, San Marino, Andorra and Monaco

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Types of France work visa

Applicants interested in working in France have to get one of these visas. France work visa types are as follows:

  • France Job seeker visa
  • France Salaried employment visa
  • France Business Visa
  • France seasonal Employment Visa

1) France Business Visa

Businessmen avail of this visa for business inquiries in France. Applicants who have a partnership in some business in France and want to attend any ceremony of this business or any meeting related to this business have to get a France business visa. You can also apply for a France business visa for any business-related activities.

2) France Job Seeking Visa

This visa is offered to workers who want to move to France and want to find a suitable job there. To get a job seeker visa France applicants must have an educational degree as proof. Applicants who want to settle in France by setting up a business in France can also apply for this visa

3) France Seasonal Employment Visa

The Seasonal Employment work visa is available for workers who want to work in France in the field of agriculture or work related to tourism. On this visa, the worker can work for 6 months with a work permit. A work permit can be obtained after authorization from French Authorities: HERE

4) France Salaried Employment Visa

Applicants or workers who want to get a France Salaried Employment Visa must have a job offer from a French company or employer. Only qualified workers can obtain this visa. So interested candidates must have a good education. With a work visa, you need to get a work permit which can be authorized by French Authorities: HERE

Duration of France Work Visa

The duration of a French work visa varies according to the visa gained by the workers. Duration in accordance with visas is as follows

  • Short Stay Visa: Workers can stay 90-180 Days in France
  • Long Stay Visa: Workers can stay for 1 Year and this visa can be renewable

France Permanent Residency

France’s residency procedure has some requirements that applicants have to fulfill to get a Permanent France residency permit. These include

  • The applicant stayed for the last 5 years in France.
  • Have a valid France work permit.

Application fee for France work Visa

Currently application fee for a France work visa is 99 euros. It might change with time.

Documents Required

Applicants have to provide documents according to the visa type they want to avail. You can visit the below link and check the documents in accordance with your required visa

Check Here

Processing Time

Processing time for a France work visa is 2 weeks or 15 days. Only in rare cases, it might exceed 45 days.

France Work Visa Process

  • Apply for a Job with a French Employer.
  • Complete Authorization.
  • Employer will complete Authorization process on behalf of Worker.
  • Submit application for Residence Permit Online.
  • Workers have to apply for a residency permit after landing in France within 2 months.
  • Visit the French Embassy and submit an application for a Visa.

Step-by-Step Guide:

#1: Check details about the visa you want to get. Which can be checked from Visa Wizard

#2: Complete application with all details.

#3: Visit the visa application center within working hours.

#4: Submit Application.

#5: Follow necessary steps including Biometrics. Biometrics is necessary because all visas in France are issued through a biometric process.

Links Required in France Visa Application Process

  • For applying France work visa visit HERE.
  • Details about the residency permit(After getting France) required to stay in France can be Check HERE.
  • Here you have to select and proceed with your required visit below link then go to Professional Purpose then select visa you need. (VISIT HERE)

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