British Council SGSAH EARTH Scholarships 2024 | Scotland


British Council SGSAH EARTH Scholarships is the latest scholarship from the British Council which is playing a key role in a better future for the world. The importance of applicants will increase because of the addition of information in their career about the knowledge of research you will make in the British Council. Students who belong to the field of environmental arts and humanities are provided with a chance by the British Council they show some inspiring things to this world after an exchange of thoughts scholars gathered from different countries of the world.

Students will make connections with the world’s best minds who will be experts in these fields of environmental arts, all activities will be performed in an international environment which will lead to positive impacts on the world. The School of Arts and Humanities of Scotland designed this program after deep thinking about its effects because it will play an important role in inventing new opportunities and a better solution for the problems the world faces now. All international applicants are eligible and this program will be on a fully funded basis.

A great effort is made by the institution and a lot of efforts will be made by students which will lead to good positive and advanced results. Students will conduct research and let people know about the benefits of environmental arts, humanities, and other fields of this education for facing climate problems. Students will do research in this field which will make them able to stand in rows of students of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, etc.

This opportunity will facilitate applicants of different regions on an equal basis and they will support each applicant according to the needs of the applicants. Students with different knowledge about climate from different countries will gather in one place, share this knowledge with each other and they will research it which will help to deal with the climate crisis. Students will also be able to get information about different statics from students from other areas, this will become a good source of cultural exchange between students.

All this plan is made to make the world green and peaceful full of different lives of this world. It will help to save the lives that we lose every year due to climate change. British Council is also spending expenses on different areas of life which are helpful for dealing with climate change. It will make sure to deal with the climate change crisis, advancement of arts and culture, and also the legacy of COP26. The SGSAH EARTH scholarships are the efforts of the British Council which all the world know about them. Students can enjoy this chance to make careers and increase their knowledge.

British Council arranged this program in a specific manner of working these three makings subdivide things including placements, training, and development which will be performed with the help of the best scholars of the British Council. This working principle will provide knowledge to students about efforts made in the field of arts and humanities by the Scottish Government. They will generate two best things from this program one is solutions and new opportunities and the second one is the world’s best scholars with research experience.

Country Scotland
Organization British Council
Institute Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities.

Benefits of the British Council SGSAH Earth Scholarships

  1. Students’ skills and knowledge about research will increase.
  2. Students will enjoy a good and healthy environment with the world’s best scholars of research.
  3. Students will enjoy the way of communication on an international platform.
  4. New information will be revealed during research which will make all international students.

Eligibility Criteria for British Council SGSAH EARTH Scholarships

  1. Students who have done PhD or have started their research work are eligible.
  2. Students who have done a previous degree from a country other than the United Kingdom in environmental arts, and humanities can submit applications.
  3. Students have to work with research mentors and must be able to develop connections with higher education institutions.
  4. In order to get this opportunity research proposal must be in arts, humanities, and environment.

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Method to Apply

  1. You have to fill out the application form on the online portal through the official site.
  2. Write all details, which must be correct.
  3. Students have to upload all demanded documents in a supported format.
  4. Make sure to fill correct information and then submit your form.

Documents required

  1. Research proposal of the student.
  2. CV with full and fresh details.
  3. A letter of support from PhD supervisor must consist of 2 pages.
  4. Letter of support from the host institution, 2 pages
  5. Other justifications required like resources etc.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for British Council SGSAH EARTH Scholarships is November 07.

APPLY HERE                                         OFFICIAL SITE

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