TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands 2024-25


TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands 2024 is completing the dream of those students who want to study free in Holland. This is a funded, scholarship. If you are a good student with outstanding study records, then do not miss this opportunity. This scholarship can play an important role in changing the lives of those students who always wanted to study abroad and complete their MBBS degrees.

This scholarship program will not only cover every type of study expense but will also provide you with all other expenses that you need during your stay in the Netherlands to complete your selected degree. This great scholarship of the Netherlands will gather applicants from different corners of the world to the Netherlands where they will complete their whole study program without any tension of study expenses. The TU Delft institution will provide you with scholars who are highly demanded of their skills on an international level.

This Delft scholarship explains a basic aim of work which is that they are working to raise those students who cannot afford their higher studies expenses in international institutes. Three main fields are mentioned by the Delft institution in detail in this scholarship. Mentioned fields are fields of technology, arts, and design, and doctoral fields are included. For better working and good outputs, a highly qualified team is working in the headquarters of Delfts Institute.

This institution is also working with different international universities of the world for students to help in the completion of their higher studies. This institution will provide facilities to each student according to his needs so this whole program will be more comfortable than your home. If you are a well-talented student and meet the requirements of the TU Delft scholarship, then you must apply for this program to include your name in the list of selected candidates.

The TU Delft institution will not work only to shine your educational skills but this scholarship will also guide you to select a suitable career for your future. After completing your education and career skills you will be able to apply in a large no of countries for a job or continue your education. Your mental and thinking level will increase to high after completing your education at Delft Institute you will be able to analyze problems that you will observe in your society, and you will also be able to find a solution for those problems. This scholarship from Delft Institute will change the lives of a large number of students and they will be able to make a move toward a professional career.

This scholarship program is not only one of the best scholarship programs in the Netherlands but also one of the most demanded scholarship programs in Europe. You will be staying at one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. You will be facilitating with the world’s best scholars and the latest laboratory and experimental devices. One most important things from the principles of the Netherlands government is that smoking and other things related to smoking are strictly banned. But the quality of education will be one of the international standards and you will enjoy it during your stay in the Netherlands.

TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands

Country Netherlands
Institution Delft University of Technology,
Program Masters
Duration 2 years

Benefits of TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands:

Here we have explained the benefits that you will get from this Delft scholarship program:

  1. Your tuition and all courses will be paid by delft.
  2. You will be given a lavish living place without any type of charge.
  3. Different educational events will be held during your degree completion; you can apply if you are interested.
  4. If your performance will remain excellent during your study, then you can get an extra scholarship.

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Eligibility Criteria for TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands:

  1. Your past degrees must show that you are a brilliant applicant.
  2. You must have a BS degree of international standard but this degree must be obtained from outside of the Netherlands.
  3. Your marks percentage must be above eighty percent or your CGPA must be eight percent of the total.
  4. Your selection will be done totally on a merit basis and you have to wait for the merit list.

Method to Apply for TU Delft Scholarship Netherlands:

  1. In one year you can apply only 1 time for a Delft scholarship.
  2. You have to provide complete information which will be demanded in the application section otherwise your application will be ignored.
  3. You have to pay a hundred € as a fee for your application.
  4. If you are one of the past students of Delft and are interested in applying to a new session, then you have to apply again from the start.
  5. You have to provide an international certificate of your excellence in English otherwise your admission will be delayed and you cannot apply before the first of July.
  6. If you do not have a letter for proof of your English, then you have to submit all of your related documents to osiaan.tudelft.nl.
  7. Fill out every section of the application completely and correctly otherwise your application will be ignored.
  8. Complete all the required fields of the Delft scholarship for each level.
  9. Complete your application procedure completely.
  10. Every student has to give an exam in English Clarence. You must pass this exam otherwise your application will not proceed further.

Documents Required:

  1. English language proficiency certificate of any internationally proven method.
  2. Other compulsory required documents are explained below.
  3. Letter of your Motivation for a scholarship.
  4. Curriculum Vitae.
  5. Official Transcripts are also compulsory.
  6. One clean Copy of your national passport.
  7. A reference letter if you can provide it easily.

Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for the TU Delft scholarship in the Netherlands is 1st Dec.
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