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Top Free Online Courses for 2024 are the latest courses for those applicants who want to study online and want to increase certificates of their performance. These courses are offered by local institutes but these courses will be entertained by international applicants from the world’s top institutes and organizations. Applicants have to do these courses completely online no physical presence is required. Applicants will increase their knowledge after completing these courses and they can also apply for vacancies after completing these courses. Applicants who are interested in going abroad to complete their education must do these online courses because these courses will increase the value of their academic degree certificates.

Every applicant belonging to any field can apply for any course of interest these online courses will include several courses in computer science, Mathematics, and other related courses. Below we explain several courses for you.

Harvard University Free Online Courses

Harvard University is offering several online courses for international applicants. When the year 2024 will begins this institute will add more courses for all international teachers, professors, mid-career professionals, and other applicants from different fields.

Fields Offered:

  1. Art & Design
  2. Business, Computer
  3. Science, Data Science
  4. Education & Teaching
  5. Health & Medicine
  6. Humanities
  7. Mathematics
  8. Programming
  9. Science and Social Sciences.

Apply Here: Harvard University Online courses

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UK Open University Free Online Courses

Interested applicants can study more than a thousand courses in 8 different subjects of different fields. These courses are beneficial for your academic records because this university will give certificates to applicants. The Open University of the UK is one of the best universities in the UK.

Fields Offered:

  1. Health
  2. Sports & Psychology
  3. Education & Development
  4. History & The Arts
  5. Languages
  6. Money & Business
  7. Nature & Environment
  8. Science
  9. Math & Technology
  10. Society
  11. Politics & Law.

Apply Here: UK Open University Online courses.

British Council Free Online Courses

UK’s best institutes and universities are taking part in this online course so the quality of study is excellent. This offered course will be delivered to applicants in the English Language. Interested applicants who are applying for other scholarships in the UK must do these online courses. British Council is well known to facilitate the world in different ways.

Apply Here: British Council Online Courses

UNICEF  Courses

UNICEF is a United Nations organization; this organization will facilitate applicants with certificate-based courses. This program is very beneficial because applicants will get a certified certificate from UNICEF. Applicants can certificates in more than 800 courses offered by UNICEF.

Apply Here: UNICEF Online Courses

Australian Government Online Courses

Australian institutes also play an important role in facilitating applicants with the best knowledge, applicants from all around the world can learn these courses from several institutes in Australia for free. Interested applicants must apply for these online certificate-based courses and these courses will be free for all international applicants.

Apply Here: Australian Govt Online Courses

WHO Free Online Courses 

World Health Organization is offered 3 million courses to international students in the past four months of this year. These courses are restricted to free applicants from every corner of the world without any degree and restriction of age who can apply for these online courses. Applicants can study these courses in any interesting language in the language of any nation.

Apply Here: Apply from the Official Website of the WHO

USIP Free Online Courses

USIP Free Online Courses are courses for applicants who want to get an education from top institutes in the USA in peacebuilding and conflict management. If you are interested in applicants check the below-given link and apply in the field of your interest.

Apply Here: Official Link

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