Top 10 Tech Jobs in 2024 For Graduates


These days Tech is part of everything. Today we will discuss the Top 10 Tech Jobs in 2024 for graduates. With the latest advancements in technology, tech become a part of life from the biggest companies to little home appliances. This is the reason the demand for tech experts is also increasing. With the passage of time, this demand for tech jobs will increase so graduates can set a good career path in the field of technology. Today I will provide you info on different tech jobs available with high salary packages. Details of these Top 10 Tech Jobs are explained below

Top 10 Tech Jobs For Graduates | Apply Now

These are the latest highly demanding jobs and the demand for computer-based jobs is increasing day by day.

  1. Information Security Analyst
  2. Project Manager
  3. Computer System Analyst
  4. Database Developer
  5. Cloud Architect
  6. Blockchain Engineer
  7. Software Developers
  8. Information Technology Manager
  9. Data Scientist
  10. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

All these jobs are available for skilled candidates who are qualified in the field of computer and technology.

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Information Security Analyst Jobs

An information security analyst is hired by the organization to check and maintain the security of the network. IS analysts also deal with security attacks if occur. These are highly professional and demanding jobs in every department. Every organization hires an IS analyst to protect their sensitive information from attackers. From this job, an analyst can earn more than $103,000. To get these jobs candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science with knowledge of information security.

Project Manager Jobs

A project manager works with the organization team and guides them through each step to achieve the required goal. He guides the team and executes the project step-wise to achieve the required product. A good project manager can easily make more than $114,000 in one year. For this job position, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in any computer field.

Computer System Analyst Jobs

A computer systems analyst job is a highly responsible job in which an organization demands the skills of a person to achieve their goals and a great revenue. The basic work of a CS analyst is analyzing, processing, and computer resources to help increase company performance. A good computer analyst can earn more the $99,000/year. The education required for the post of CS analyst is a bachelor’s degree in Computer science or computer-related field or MIS.

Database Developer Jobs

A Database Developer has the responsibility to manage and maintain the safety of the database of an organization. The database is an essential part of any computer-based company or organization because the database is used to keep records of any organization. Candidates have to manage these databases through programming and other procedures. A database developer can make good earnings with min $102,000/year. The education required for database developers is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or higher.

Cloud Architect Jobs

Cloud architects are skilled people who manage the cloud infrastructure of a company. Cloud is also a necessary part of life and the computer field. These Cloud Architects deal with managing the cloud and issues faced while dealing with cloud services. Like other jobs, a Cloud architect earns a lot with min salary of $133,110/year. Education required for Cloud architecture job Bachelor in CS or SE.

Blockchain Engineer

As the name suggests Blockchain engineers perform the work of developing Blockchains, bringing them to work, and working on maintenance. Blockchain experts work in different ways with the company including managing technology and data concerns. On these jobs, candidates can earn more the $133,333/year. For the post of Blockchain Engineer candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in SE.

Software Developer Jobs

Software developer’s jobs are highly paid jobs. Software developers have to develop different mobile and computer software using different programming languages like Microsoft.Net, C#, C++, HTML Java, and SQL servers. These jobs are high in demand and this demand is going to increase in the upcoming years. On average a software developer can earn more the $100,000 in one year. For getting software developers jobs applicants have to complete a bachelor’s degree or equal educational degree in Computer science.

Information Technology Manager

The information technology manager is the overall manager of the technical team hired in the company. He is the man who manages all the activities and procedures of any currently developing project or computer program. The main duty of an information technology manager is to maintain records of the Budget and keep an eye that workers are available with all required facilities. A candidate with good informational manager skills can earn more than $150,000. The education required for this post is BS in Computer Science or Information Systems.

Data Scientist Jobs

Data scientist jobs are highly paid jobs and candidates have great opportunities because no of data scientists is comparatively low as compared to other fields. A data scientist is supposed to analyze, compile, and interpret data which will be useful for an organization. A data scientist’s salary is min of $95,440/year. For this job position candidate must have a bachelor’s degree education in CS and knowledge of Mathematics. Candidates with PhD in these programs have higher chances of their selected.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Jobs

Artificial intelligence engineers are hired by companies to generate and increase their revenue. An AI engineer uses different AI-based methods and machine language to increase the performance and efficiency of different computer-based systems. An Artificial Intelligence engineer with good skills can make more than $131,000. In order to become eligible for this post candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in the computer field.

How to Find a Tech Job?

All international applicants who want to get a good tech job in above mentioned jobs have to follow below mentioned procedure

  • Join the Tech field.
  • Learn tech degree programs or equivalent.
  • Make your CV.
  • Enhance your tech skills.
  • Create your profile on different social media platforms (like LinkedIn) look for jobs and apply.

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