SUSI Summer Exchange Program 2024 USA | Fully Funded


SUSI Summer Exchange Program 2024 is currently collecting applications from all over the world for students who are waiting for an exchange program in the USA. This exchange program has great Werth because this program is offered by the USA, fully funded and the best institutes in the USA are taking part in this program. Students from different countries of the world with undergraduate degree programs can join this leadership program. Another name for this leaders’ program is the Public Policymaking Program. Applicants are eligible without any English clearance certificate like the IELTS test.

Massachusetts University of the United States of America will take part in this SUSI Summer Exchange Program for creating the world’s best leaders. This program will be for 3 to 6 weeks, and applicants of both genders are eligible. Students can learn a lot in a short span of time from the United States of America. No religion or region base restriction so every student can apply and no application fee is required.

SUSI set a basic aim to shine the leadership skills of applicants from all over the world so that they will be able to lead their countries and make them a high progress country. Students will exchange their culture with students of other countries and they will get knowledge about US culture. Applicants with gather under this program will have a lot of discussions on different problems of the world and the opportunities available around the world. Applicants will make efforts for a better future another means is the start of the practical life of students which will lead them towards a good life.

Under this program, all the modern-day techniques will be used by institutions and all discussions about opportunities and problems will be made in detail. They will go through all knowledge of US democracy and all efforts made by people for the progress of the USA. In this exchange program, private institutions are also playing an important role. Applicants will learn knowledge about policies made by the USA in the fields of medicine, education, and foreign policies. Applicants will get experience and use this beneficial knowledge in their countries which will lead to making progress.

Country The United States of America
University University of Massachusetts
Organization The U.S. Department of State
Duration 6 Weeks

Financial Support 

The SUSI Summer Exchange Program is a funded exchange program by the United States of America that will cover the following expenses.

  1. Traveling expenses
  2. Other transportation made
  3. Book expenses
  4. Cultural Allowance for Applicants
  5. Mailing Allowance
  6. Health expenses of students
  7. Visiting tour expenses made by applicants
  8. Visa Fee

Eligibility Criteria for SUSI Exchange Program 2024

  1. Students must have a great grip on the English language.
  2. Students aged between 18 to 25 are eligible to submit applications.
  3. Students must have great deep knowledge of public policymaking.
  4. The student must be a bachelor’s student and must be in 2nd last semester or a minimum of 1 semester must remain.
  5. Students have to declare returning to their home countries after completing an exchange program in the USA.
  6. The candidate must have great leadership qualities.
  7. The candidate must have a great interest in learning about the culture of the United States.
  8. Your knowledge of related fields must be great.
  9. Students must have a deep interest in the cultural and educational activities of an exchange program.
  10. Students must have great thinking about the cultural activities of the USA.
  11. Show your interest by performing in activities of the program.

      Apply Link: University of Warwick Chancellor’s Scholarship in UK

Method to Apply for SUSI Summer Exchange Program

  1. Applicants have to fill out the application form after downloading. Fields of form are so simple that you can fill them easily.
  2. You Can download the application form from HERE or through the below-given buttons 2022 SUSI Application Form
  3. After completing and going through again application form send it to before Friday 3 December 2022 before 11: 59 pm. Only those applicants will get considered who will submit applications through the provided email.  Take special care in answering the essay questions. Students have to fill out the application concerning the below-mentioned pattern

Name of Student, Institution, and City of your education. Consider as: YOUR NAME, NUST, ISLAMABAD.

Patterns will matter a lot so dint ignore you must follow the above-mentioned pattern.

The Public Affairs Section will call all selected students for an interview for further process of application. These interviews will be online by the above-mentioned institutes. If you get selected, you will be shortlisted for an interview in January.

At the end of April or maybe at the start of May selected students will get shortlisted.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the SUSI exchange program is OCT 28.

                              APPLY HERE                         SUBMIT APPLICATION

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