SIIT Scholarship in Thailand 2024 | Fully Funded


SIIT Scholarship in Thailand 2024 is an international program for students who have great academic records.  This SIIT scholarship is totally funded. This SIIT scholarship program is mainly available for students with master’s degrees and Ph.D. students. The Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology is now offering a large no of scholarships for students and no of courses for faculty members. This course will cover different universities and institutes in Asia, Europe, and North America

Actually, the main aim of starting this scholarship program is to raise the industrial development of Thailand by gathering the world’s talented students in the fields of engineering and information technology. This scholarship is providing you the opportunity to get knowledge about the culture of Thailand and provides an environment of friendship with other international students. You have to learn these things because this is added in the guidelines of the SIIT scholarship that you have to stay on the campuses during your stay.

This is totally funded scholarship which is offered by the government of Thailand, so now you can to Thailand and can complete your higher education easily. The SIIT foundation is a semi-autonomous university in Thailand that was developed in 1992. This university has very long relations with Asian and European countries and is famous for its exchange programs, scholarships, and short courses.

These courses and scholarships, the SIIT university offers scholarship and exchange programs almost every year for applicants for Bachelor’s degree and master’s programs. Currently, this scholarship is also a part of these scholarship program SIIT. The students from poor families with extraordinary skills now can study with the students who are belonged to rich families. After completing their studies in Thailand the students will shine the name of their country. This will cause a huge change in the world of technology when students will get advanced knowledge.

Country Thailand
Institution Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Program Masters, PhD

Duration of SIIT Scholarship 2024

  1. Master’s degree Scholarship programs (Two Years)
  2. Doctoral Scholarship (Three years)

Included Program

  1. Materials Engineering, Science, and Technology
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Programs of Information and communication technology for embedding System
  4. Digital Engineering program
  5. Biochemical Engineering or Biochemistry
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Electrical Engineering, Energy Technology, and Management
  8. Engineering Management
  9. Environmental Engineering, Science, Technology, and Management
  10. Industrial Engineering and Logistic Management
  11. Information Technology
  12. Civil Engineering
  13. Computer Engineering
  14. Engineering Management
  15. Management Technology

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Benefits of SIIT Scholarship in Thailand

  1. All types of fees will be covered by the Thailand government.
  2. This scholarship will provide you with full help in your thesis.
  3. The Thailand government will provide a stipend of 10,000 Bhat for every student every month.
  4. You will travel on a business class ticket when you will travel to any place in Thailand
  5. An extra 10,000 Bhat will be given to you for your visa fees, airport taxes, and other traveling expenses.
  6. Thailand’s government will provide you with full-time health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria of SIIT Scholarship in Thailand

  1. The students must be from outside of Thailand.
  2. You can only continue your studies in the provided fields of master’s degree and M.Phil. programs of SIIT.
  3. In order to qualify for the master’s degree program, you have to take a CGPA with Bachelor’s degree greater than 2.75.
  4. If students are interested to take admission to M.Phil., their CGPA must be greater than 3.5.
  5. You must be good at speaking and writing English. You also have to provide proof of it.
  6. Your performance in past classes must be good and your name must be included in the top twenty students of the class.
  7. Your physical and mental conditions must be good.
  8. If you are currently getting any other scholarship, then you cannot apply for this scholarship.

Method to Apply for SIIT Scholarship in Thailand

  1. Students have to apply through a provided online admission portal.
  2. You have to upload the pics of your original documents in PDF form or PNG.
  3. You have to describe your purpose to apply on a page.
  4. If you cannot provide your English writing and speaking, then you can still apply on the online admission portal.

Documents Required for SIIT Scholarship in Thailand

  1. CV of your details
  2. Passport or National ID card.
  3. Your research papers.
  4. Recent passport-size Photograph.
  5. Letter of your Purpose.
  6. Two Recommendation Letters.
  7. English Certificate.
  8. Your Recent Transcripts.

Last Date To Apply

The last date to apply for this SIIT scholarship for the (EFS) is Sept 30.

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