SEOULTECH Foreign Student Scholarship 2024 South Korea


SEOULTECH Foreign Student Scholarship is calling all international applicants to complete higher education in one of the world’s best countries South Korea. This scholarship is offered through the Seoul National University of Science & Technology. SEOULTECH is offering this opportunity to all international applicants in Undergraduate and graduate programs. When an applicant will apply successfully, he will receive an email within 7 days of applying. If an applicant enrolled in a graduate research program and wants to get a scholarship, he must apply before the last day of October which will be 31 Oct. 

This scholarship will be awarded to applicants based on their past academic records. So apply as soon as possible to avail your seat, selection be made on a total merit base. SeoulTech, also known as Seoul National University of Science and Technology, is a prestigious institution in South Korea renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and research. One of the avenues through which the university promotes diversity and internationalization is the SeoulTech Foreign Student Scholarship. This scholarship program is designed to attract and support outstanding foreign students who wish to pursue their higher education at SeoulTech.

One of the key features of the SeoulTech Foreign Student Scholarship is its emphasis on meritocracy. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and overall contribution to the university community. This approach ensures that the scholarship not only supports students financially but also recognizes and rewards their dedication to academic excellence and personal development. The financial support provided by the SeoulTech Foreign Student Scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other associated costs. This comprehensive approach to financial aid enables international students to immerse themselves fully in the academic and cultural experiences offered at SeoulTech, without the burden of excessive financial concerns.

The SeoulTech Foreign Student Scholarship is a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering a global learning environment. It provides financial assistance to deserving foreign students, helping them overcome financial barriers and focus on their academic pursuits. The scholarship is available for various undergraduate and graduate programs, allowing students from diverse academic backgrounds to benefit from this opportunity. Beyond the financial aspects, the scholarship program also serves as a bridge for cultural exchange and mutual understanding. SeoulTech values the diversity that international students bring to its campus and believes in the transformative power of a multicultural learning environment. Scholarship recipients become ambassadors of their countries, contributing to the rich tapestry of perspectives within the SeoulTech community.

Country South Korea
Institute Seoul National University of Science & Technology
Program Undergraduates & Postgraduates
Eligible All

Eligibility Criteria for SEOULTECH Scholarship

To be eligible for the SEOULTECH Foreign Student Scholarship for Undergraduates and graduates in South Korea, candidates must meet the following criteria;

  • The student must be an international applicant.
  • Student 6 academic credits must be completed at least with ‘C’ grades or higher.
  • Applicants GPA, CGPA must be 3.5 or greater.
  • If the applicant’s master’s degree doesn’t get completed within 4 semesters, he will be awarded an extra semester.
  • 2 semesters will be offered on scholarship to those students. Who will not complete their PhD in 4 semesters?

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Document Requirement

 Applicants who want to get the SEOULTECH scholarship must have the following below-mentioned documents,

  • Academic documents of High school graduation like certificates etc.
  • Academic documents of graduation program like a certificate.
  • Transcript of undergraduate program done in the previous institution.

How to Apply for the SEOULTECH Foreign Student Scholarship

Interested applicants for SEOULTECH have to submit an online application for a full-time degree at Seoul National University of Science & Technology, South Korea.  You can submit it here Office of International Affairs.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the SEOULTECH Foreign Student Scholarship is September 1.

APPLY HERE                          OFFICIAL SITE

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