How to apply for Spain Work Visa | Spain Work Visa Process 2024


Here we will explain Spain Work Visa Process 2024. Spain work visa is the desire of every foreign worker because Spain is a European Union Country. People can earn good finance in Spain because living expenses in Spain are much lower than in any other European country. So people who come to Spain for work purposes can live on relatively low expenses. With working opportunities, Spain is also a beautiful country and the interaction of tourists here will give info about Spain Work Visa Process 2024. It is not very difficult to get a Spain work visa just follow the steps explained below and get a work visa od Spain.

First thing to work legally in Spain you need a work visa and a residence permit. This visa is required for foreign workers in EU Countries people don’t need work visas or permits. In different fields of Spain, more than 13% of workers are foreign workers. Here it doesn’t stop every year Spain issue a large number of work visa for foreign workers. So follow the below process and get your visa.

Spain Work Visa Process 2024 Work in Spain

Basically, workers who want to stay in Spain for more than 3 months and want to work. They required two things

  • Work visa
  • Residence permit

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Spain Long Term Visa Process 2024(National Visa (D Visa)

The Long Stay is a requirement for workers who want to stay more than 85 days and want to work in different fields. Spanish Long-Term Visa is also known for staying more than 90 days.

Available Spain Work Visas

Following below-mentioned work visas are available for foreign workers to work in Spain.

  • Spain Digital Nomad Visa
  • Seasonal Work Visa
  • Spain Employment Visa
  • Self-Employed Visa for Spain

1) Spain Digital Nomad Visa

The Spain Digital Nomad visa as the name suggests is for those foreign students or worker who works online or in a remote company which is located in someone another country. Interested candidates must have an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree qualification. A valid proof of income is required which must be less than €2,160.

2) Spain Employment Visa

Foreign workers who got a Job offer from a Spanish company or any other organization. They need a Spain work visa. Almost 99% of work visa required to stay and work in Spain is Spain employment visa

3) Spain Seasonal Work Visa

This short-term visa is for 9 months. Foreign applicants who want to work or visit for Tourism, Healthcare, Logistics, and Agriculture fields can apply for a Spain Seasonal work visa.

4) Self-Employed Visa for Spain

This Visa is especially available for foreign applicants aged 16 or above, this visa is designed for those applicants who are young or low in age and want to work in Spain. This is just like a student’s visa.

ALL these offered visas are of Duration 1 year; they can be renewed if the applicant still works or has a valid job offer.

Eligibility criteria for Spain Work Visa

All foreign workers who want to get a Spain work visa for 2024 have to meet the following below-mentioned criteria:

  • A Job Offer: A job offer is a basic requirement to get a Spain work visa. Applicants must get a job offered in any field or organization before applying for a work visa. Find an employer and then apply for the visa.
  • Nomad Visa: Don’t require a Job offer from the Employer.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published all the details of the necessary documents that an applicant must have to apply for a Spain work visa. You can CHECK HERE

Spain Visa Cost According to Countries

  • USA applicants: €167
  • Canadian Applicants: €100
  • Other Countries: €80

How to Apply

Get a Work Permit: The applicant’s employer must receive a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office. Then you have to submit an application for a work visa according to your requirements.

Residence Permit: If the worker is allowed a work permit, his residency permit will be granted with it and the employer can get it from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office

Work Visa application: After successfully getting a Work and residency permit you need to apply for a visa at the Embassy CHECK HERE.

Spain Jobs Opportunities Sites

These sites display the latest jobs available in Spain. Further search on the internet by typing field you want to get a job like “Doctoral Jobs in Spain” you will find latest opportunities.


Spain Work website

Here you can find complete guidance and the Spain visa application process and the documents required. Check below link


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