EWC Scholarship in the USA | 2024


EWC Scholarship in the USA 2024 is a good chance for those students who always wanted to study in the USA. Now students can apply to study in the USA. Students can complete their master’s degree programs and any doctoral degree in the United States. This is the basic aim of EWC Scholarship USA to create a well-developed society with modern study and techniques. It is a bright and golden chance for those students who want to study in the US without any study expenses.

All the talented students from all around the world can become a part of this scholarship program because the selection process of this scholarship is totally merited base. This scholarship in the USA will develop skills full of leadership qualities. This scholarship of the USA is working together with the University of Hawai’i, US. After selection in this scholarship program, you will be in an environment in which students of different cultures different races, and different religions will be together. You can show your skills in different fields in these fields educational and different cultural fields are included.

It will be huge in the fields of Asia when you learn advanced education in top institutes in the United States of America. Hawaii University of United States of America will work on both skills of students one to shine the mental skills of applicants and second, they will work to guide students towards a professional career. EWC scholarship will raise students from the poor corners of the world and will show them a path toward a professional future. Students after completing their education in these top institutes of the United States will be able to lead their countries.

Then these applicants will become the cause of the progress of their countries. Students will complete their respective degree programs under the top-class scholars of the USA. These scholars will provide 24/7 help to each applicant regarding solving any problem related to their selected courses.

EWC Scholarship in the USA

Country United States of America
University University of Hawaii
Program Masters, Doctoral
Duration 2 Years

Eligible Countries:

The following countries are eligible for EWC Scholarship USA 2024:

  1. United States
  2. Pacific Region
    • In the Pacific region, all of those countries included are currently under the Pacific region and have economies lower or equal to the middle-class economy countries.
  3. Southeast Asia
    • In the list of these countries mainly Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and some other countries are included.
  4. South Asia
    • Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, and four to five more countries that are present in this region are included in this list.
  5. East Asia
    • China, Hong Kong, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and many more countries are included in the list of East Asia countries.

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Benefits of EWC Scholarship USA 2024

  1. During the whole study tour fee for your all courses will be covered by the EWC scholarship.
  2. The EWC scholarship will provide you living place in the USA during your stay this scholarship.
  3. Expenses of your food and other related things will be covered by this scholarship.
  4. All of your course-related material expenses will be covered by the EWC program.
  5. Complete medical facility and medicine expenses.

Eligibility Criteria for EWC Scholarship USA 2024

  1. In order to qualify for the EWC scholarship, you have to provide proof of your nationality from the countries that are listed above.
  2. In order to get an EWC scholarship, you must have completed any four-year BS program or any other equal four-year program.
  3. You can only qualify for this scholarship if you are a hardworking student and your CGPA from the previous BS degree must be between three and four.

Method to Apply for EWC Scholarship USA 2024

  1. The application procedure for the EWC scholarship is totally online.
  2. If you have success you will receive an email from the official mail of the EWC.
  3. You have to provide 5 to 6 details as compulsory in order to apply successfully.
  4. You have to complete each page of the application and then proceed next.
  5. Fill all fields with current academic results and current living dress.
  6. Read your application again and submit it after your confirmation.

Documents Required for EWC Scholarship USA 2024

  1. IELTS, TOEFL, or DUOLINGO in order to perform your best in your studies.
  2. Application Acknowledgment.
  3. Academic result cards.
  4. Your Letter of Reference from previous institutes.
  5. Reference letter or confidential letter.
  6. Your Passport details which you will travel.
  7. A detailed CV that will describe your academic details.

Application Deadline

The last date to submit your application for the EWC Scholarship USA 2024 is currently not specified.

APPLY HERE                                        OFFICIAL LINK

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