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DAAD Scholarships in Germany is collecting applications internationally for master’s degree programs and PhD degree programs. If you are an applicant who has his dream country of education Germany must apply for this scholarship in Germany. Scholarships are open for every student in the world from now to December. Those students who have done bachelor’s degree programs with good marks must apply to get a DAAD scholarship. DAAD offers scholarships to students every year on a fully funded basis. In this one of the biggest funded scholarship programs, the Govt. of Germany will offer 100k plus scholarships to international and national students. All top institutions in Germany are part of this program. The full-time expenses of students will be covered by the government of Germany.

Applicants can apply for any field of interest in master’s and PhD programs. For these offered programs, master’s programs will contain on max of 2 years and PhD programs will cover their years of education. The dream of every talented applicant is to complete higher education in universities in countries like Germany. The main reason for the applicant’s trend toward Germany is part-time jobs for students. They will learn and earn money.

Under this government-funded program, students will study during study hours, and for the remaining time, they can do any job to earn some finance. The currency of Germany is so powerful so if you will do a little bit of work, you will have a high amount of finance with respect to your country. If you like to travel in the world’s most progress made in countries like Europe, you can travel on a student visa. Students who will score admission in Germany under his scholarship program will enjoy free traveling from the country of stay to Germany. Details of DAAD scholarship in Germany are described in the below part of the article. DAAD Scholarships in Germany.

Country Offering: Germany

Organized by: Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Coverage of Scholarship: Fully Funded

Course Offered: Masters, MPhil, MBA, LLM, and PhD

Duration: 2 years for master’s, 3 years for PhD and other programs

Application Deadline: Different in accordance with the University.

Benefits of DAAD Scholarships in Germany

One major benefit is part-time jobs are available with scholarships and other benefits under this program are discussed below.


It has already been discussed DAAD scholarships for all international applicants are fully funded.

  1. of Germany will pay the tuition expenses of students.
  2. According to the selected program of students, students will get a monthly stipend form ranging from 800 to 1200 euros.
  3. Health insurance for applicants in case of an accident and normal health insurance
  4. Under this program, students will get a traveling fee from their country of stay to Germany and then back to their home country
  5. Accommodation is also included.
  6. Some other stipends are also included, according to the progress of students

Fields available

Students who are interested in master’s and PhD degree programs can apply to get admission in the following below-mentioned fields.

  1. Economic Sciences, Business Administration, and Political Economics
  2. Development Cooperation
  3. Engineering and Related Sciences
  4. Mathematics
  5. Regional and Urban Planning
  6. Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  7. Natural and Environmental Sciences
  8. Medicine/Public Health
  9. Social Sciences, Education, and Law
  10. Media Studies

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Students must be from developing countries to become eligible. The list of developing countries is mentioned (Here)
  2. Students must have done a bachelor’s degree in accordance with their wants to choose the program for a master’s degree.
  3. Max time of getting a bachelor’s degree must be 6 years from the day of application.
  4. Professional experience of two years is also necessary.

Documents Required

  1. You have to have an application form, which can be obtained from the below links.
  2. Submit your detailed CV with correct personal details send at: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/
  3. Applicant letter of motivation with a max of 2 pages is required for the application procedure.
  4. Recommendation letters are also required with proper stamps and signatures
  5. A professional letter from the employer with a proper head stamp and an official signature will matter in your selection process for this scholarship
  6. Your proof of employment in your country of stay and certificate for reemployment for completing this degree program.
  7. English proficiency certificate is also necessary to document, so an applicant must clear the IELTS test or TOEFL test to become eligible. Mostly TOEFL is acceptable in the case of institutions so this is a compulsory document.
  8. Clear copies of your past degree programs, must be stamped by an authentic person.
  9. Academic transcripts with stamps of authentic persons are also required.

Method to Apply

The application procedure is totally online, complete the online procedure and upload the demanded documents in PDF format or any other mentioned format.

  1. You can get the official announcement made by the DAAD scholarship program here
  2. The details of the programs and APPLICATION DEADLINE can be checked here
APPLY  HERE                                       OFFICIAL SITE

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