Agoda Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Thailand 2024


Agoda Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Thailand are available Now. Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and has a great attraction for tourists. Now job opportunities are available in Thailand. You can work to earn good money and enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand. Now jobs are offered by Agoda for all international applicants with work visa sponsorship. Only in Bangkok, 188 Job positions are available and in Kuala Lumpur, 24 jobs are available for international applicants.

Agoda, a main online tour corporation, gives various task opportunities in Thailand, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic journey industry within. The company, headquartered in Bangkok, affords a platform for individuals searching for employment in numerous fields associated with tour, generation, and customer support.

In Thailand, Agoda frequently recruits for positions that span multiple departments. These may also consist of roles in marketing, software development, information evaluation, customer service, and enterprise development. The various range of activity opportunities caters to individuals with extraordinary skill sets and professional backgrounds. One outstanding thing about running at Agoda in Thailand is the chance to be part of a multicultural and collaborative painting environment. As a global employer, Agoda draws expertise from round the world, developing an inclusive place of business in which employees can examine from numerous views and make a contribution to the enterprise’s success.

Agoda places emphasis on fostering innovation and staying at the leading edge of era inside the journey industry. Employees can also have the opportunity to paintings on modern initiatives, contributing to the employer’s dedication to supplying customers with a seamless and efficient journey booking experience. For the ones inquisitive about consumer-going through roles, Agoda gives positions in customer service and support. This offers employees with the chance to have interaction with customers from exclusive parts of the world, addressing their inquiries, and making sure a nice revel in all through their journey adventure.

As an business enterprise, Agoda often values qualities consisting of adaptability, creativity, and a passion for tour. The employer strives to create a piece tradition that encourages personnel to bring their precise perspectives to the desk at the same time as fostering expert increase and improvement. For your information let me describe Agoda, Agoda provides different services to clients, these services include Flight Bookings, Ground Transportation, Facilities of accommodation, and many more things. Agoda is an international platform, they provide services across the world and also provide benefits to their staff members.

Agoda Jobs in Thailand

Country Thailand and Malaysia
Job Cities Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur
Sponsorship Work Visa Sponsorship
Eligible All Countries

Benefits of Agoda Jobs in Thailand

Here are some great benefits that selected applicants will avail of after their selection.

  • Expenses of Health and Dental
  • Other mental health support
  • A specific Working Model for workers
  • Relocation support
  • Discounts: like traveling ticket discounts
  • Allowance for the Workers, who will perform duties from their homes
  • Applicants will be able to relocate while working, but most of the positions are available in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.
  • For some mentioned rules, Agoda will also facilitate applicants to bring their families.

Job Fields

  • Field of Content
  • Field of Customer Experience
  • Marketing Field
  • Finance field
  • Field of Design
  • Global Affairs Field
  • Field of Key Accounts
  • Legal
  • Product
  • People
  • Field of Strategic Partnership
  • Field of Supply
  • Technology

All professional applicants will apply because all these fields are specially designed for world professionals. But other people, students who have done their undergraduate or graduate or are in the process can also apply.

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Selection Process

  • Apply (Submit your application)
  • Assessment by officials
  • Interview
  • Decision made

If you still need more information and want to know the benefits of these positions, you can check HERE

Eligibility Criteria for Agoda Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

  • Applicants with a minimum education of Bachelor’s degree or higher can apply for this job opportunity.
  • Applicants have to meet criteria according to the positions they want to enroll.
  • You have to select the location of countries, Thailand, and Malaysia.

How to Apply

Interested applicants need to visit the official link. Then apply for the position of your interest. Select a location in Thailand, or Malaysia.

APPLY HERE                       OFFICIAL SITE

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