African Grey Parrot Price, Life Span, Cost and Diet


African Grey Parrots are famous for his or her intelligence, beautiful plumage, and attractive personalities. Whether you are a seasoned avian enthusiast or thinking about bringing one of these charming birds into your property, knowledge of critical aspects like price, existence span, fee, and food regimen is crucial for supplying satisfactory care. Let’s delve into every one of these factors to guide you in making informed choices about these tremendous companions.

Name African Grey Parrot
Size & Weight 10-14 Inches  275 to 600 Grams
Life Span (How Long Do African Grey Parrots Live) 25 to 50 years,

African Grey Parrot Price

The price of African Grey Parrots can vary substantially based on several factors, such as the chook’s age, fitness, and whether it changed into bred regionally or imported. On average, you can assume to pay between $1,000 to $three,000 for a wholesome African Grey Parrot. However, positive elements can have an impact on the charge variety.


Younger birds tend to be more luxurious than older ones. Hand-fed child African Greys, which are usually more without difficulty tamed and educated, are often at the higher cease of the price spectrum.

Color Mutations:

Some African Greys showcase coloration mutations which could affect their fee. While the traditional grey coloring is the maximum common, mutations like the Congo African Grey and Timneh African Grey may have special fee factors.

Breeding Source:

Birds bred in captivity are typically more steeply priced than wild-caught ones. Ethical breeders prioritize the fitness and well-being of the birds, contributing to a higher rate tag.

African Grey Parrot


Prices can also vary based on your geographical region and the supply of African Greys to your place.

Before creating a buy, it is important to research legit breeders, making sure they adhere to ethical breeding practices and prioritize the welfare of the birds.

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African Grey Parrot Life Span

African Grey Parrots have an outstanding existence span compared to many different parrot species. In common, they stay between 25 to 50 years, with the right care and interest. The sturdiness of these birds makes them a long-time period of dedication, and potential owners need to be organized for the responsibilities that come with worrying about a puppy that may be a lifelong accomplice.

To ensure a wholesome and happy lifestyle in your African Grey, supplying a nicely balanced weight loss plan, everyday veterinary check-ups, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction are essential. Proper care can make contributions extensively to their existence span, and lots of African Greys become beloved family contributors for decades.

Cost of Owning an African Grey Parrot

Owning an African Grey Parrot comes with various fees that enlarge past the preliminary buy fee. Understanding these ongoing fees is vital for offering your feathered friend the quality possible care.


African Greys want spacious cages to deal with their lively and clever nature. Quality cages can range from $2 hundred to $1,000, depending on size and features.

Toys and Enrichment:

These birds thrive on mental stimulation, and providing toys and enrichment sports is essential. Budget for around $50 to $100 consistent per month for toys, puzzles, and sports to keep your African Grey engaged.


A nutritious food regimen is crucial for the proper well-being of your African Grey. Expect to spend about $20 to $40 per month on a wonderful pellet mix, clean results, vegetables, and occasional treats.

Veterinary Care:

In regular take a look at-united States potential scientific charges are a part of accountable puppy possession. Budget for a minimum of $100 to $200 annually for habitual vet visits, and recollect having an emergency fund for surprising scientific prices.

Grooming Supplies:

Nail trimmers, beak conditioners, and different grooming supplies are necessary to maintain your African Grey healthful. Allocate around $20 to $30 for these components.

African Grey Parrot
African Grey Parrot

Training and Behavioral Classes:

Investing in schooling training or seeking expert recommendations for behavioral troubles is a treasured thing of responsible possession. Costs can vary, however, budgeting $50 to $100 for education resources is a superb place to begin.

Understanding the ongoing costs of being concerned for an African Grey Parrot is critical for making sure you may provide appropriate surroundings and meet their diverse desires at some point in their lifestyles.

African Grey Parrot Diet

Proper nutrients are paramount to the health and well-being of African Grey Parrots. These birds have precise dietary necessities that need to be met to ensure they obtain the critical nutrients for the highest quality health.


High-fine pellets designed for African Greys ought to form the muse of their weight loss plan. Pellets provide a balanced blend of nutrients and are most suitable for seed-based total diets, which can be high in fats.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

A style of sparkling fruits and greens ought to be supplied day by day. Dark, leafy veggies, carrots, candy potatoes, and berries are splendid picks. Ensure they’re washed thoroughly to remove any pesticides.

Nuts and Seeds:

While now not the primary part of their weight loss plan, nuts and seeds may be supplied moderately. These ought to be unsalted and furnished as occasional treats.


Lean protein resources, including cooked chook or eggs, can be included in their food regimen for added protein.


African Greys need an adequate delivery of calcium. Providing cuttlebone or mineral blocks can assist in meeting this requirement.

It’s critical to monitor your African Grey’s weight and regulate their weight loss plan consequently. Regular veterinary care Can offer steerage on their nutritional needs and standard fitness.


African Grey Parrots are outstanding partners that deliver pleasure and intelligence into the lives of those who pick out to welcome them into their homes. Understanding the various elements of African Grey ownership, inclusive of rate, existence span, ongoing fees, and dietary desires, is crucial for offering the great feasible take care of these fantastic birds. By making informed selections and prioritizing their well-being, you may embark on a profitable journey with your African Grey Parrot, creating a bond that can final a lifetime.

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